Teaching guru Rafe Esquith has some advice for teachers and administrators

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Tuesday, August 27, 7:00 - 8:30pm
Students play guitars

Kurt Ingham

The subtitle of his new book says it all: “Advice for Teachers from Rookies to Veterans:  “No Retreat, No Surrender!” Known internationally for his humor and no-nonsense advice, Rafe Esquith shares his knowledge with generosity and candor, writing and speaking to teachers all over the world. He has seen it all in thirty-plus years in the classroom, and has written several books, including the widely praised Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire. In Real Talk for Real Teachers he brings us back to Room 56 in the Hobart Elementary School, where he maps out the three stages of a teaching career and offers up ways to energize and excite teachers and students in the changing and challenging world of education. It’s a world where everything is possible, as evidenced through his work with the Hobart Shakespeareans, economically disadvantaged children at Hobart Elementary who stage Shakespeare so professionally that they often wow audiences around the world and the great Shakespearean actor himself, Sir Ian McKellen.

Join KPCC’s education reporter Mary Plummer for some real talk with Esquith, the man about whom the N.Y. Times says “Rafe Esquith is a genius and a saint. The American education system would do well to imitate him.”

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