Pablo Bronstein: "Enlightenment Discourse on the Origins of Architecture"

This event took place on:
Friday, January 24 - Saturday, March 15
  • 631 West 2nd Street
  • Los Angeles, CA 90012
Pablo Bronstein, "Tragic Stage"

Courtesy Herald St, London.

Pablo Bronstein, "Tragic Stage" (2011). Performance view at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

Pablo Bronstein’s project at REDCAT functions as a "staged essay" where the artist assumes the role of art historian, architect and choreographer (working with a dancer) to reconstruct historical moments in tableaux vivants that articulate the origins of architecture from the naturalistic perspective of the Enlightenment.

Event Info
January 24–March 15, 2014
Tuesday-Sunday 12–6 p.m.

Opening: January 24, 2013
Performance 6–9 p.m., Reception 8:30 p.m.

About the sponsor:
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