The myth of "the starving artist”: Reimagining a career in the arts

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Young people who dream of careers in the arts often hear skeptical questions from parents and other adults: “How are you going to pay the bills?” “You don’t want to be a starving artist, do you?”

But is the assumption that arts careers are never lucrative true?

More and more artists are attacking the myth of the starving artist by highlighting their own thriving careers. And, in California, the conversation on arts education has shifted to include discussions of the state’s “creative economy” — focusing on the many Southern California jobs linked to arts fields.

KPCC arts education reporter Priska Neely will join Rachel Moore, Music Center president and author of “The Artist’s Compass,” along with other guests to discuss what it takes to be an artist, the role education plays, the many paths young people can take to have a successful career in the arts and how to not starve in the process.

Priska Neely (@priskaneely) – KPCC arts education reporter


Adrianna Alise Arambula – Justice Design Group creative director 
Randall Lavender (@otiscollege)– Otis College of Art and Design provost
Rachel Moore (@rachel_s_moore) – Music Center president and author of "The Artist's Compass"


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