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Tuesday, October 6

The future of speech and ‘microaggressions’ on college campuses (#AT30)

The University of California has come under fire this summer for a series of workshops for deans and department heads on so-called microaggressions -- "slights, snubs or insults...that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target people based solely on their marginalized group membership," according to a University memo.
Downtown Los Angeles from behind the Hollywood Sign
Thursday, October 8

Unknown LA: Navigating ‘LAtitudes, An Angeleno’s Atlas’

Maneuvering L.A.’s complicated history and many layers can prove as difficult as navigating its traffic. In the new book “Latitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas,” a diverse group of contributors provide new insights into the complexities of the City of Angels—past and present—through lyrical essays and innovative maps.
Project 365 #169: 180609 Somebody PLEASE Pick Up That Phone!
Sunday, October 11

Unheard LA: Step up to the KPCC mic

If you had 30 minutes in front of our mic, what would you talk about?

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