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217/365 August 5 - Found Money

Sharon Drummond/Flickr Creative Commons

Tuesday, July 7

Minimum wage: The future of the hourly worker in LA (#AT30)

Not even the current state of Hollywood’s film business can match the drama of the minimum wage debate in Los Angeles.
Tuesday, July 14

Planetary Radio LIVE: New Horizons has a date with Pluto

After sailing across the solar system for over nine years, on July 14th NASA’s New Horizons will finally have its close encounter with Pluto.
Thursday, July 16

Pulling back the blue curtain: When should we have access to police records?

Ferguson…Baltimore…North Charleston…Los Angeles – sites of police shootings that point to the tension between accountability and privacy. Public access to records – especially those of law enforcement – is an increasing source of questions and conflict between citizens and government agencies.

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