Past Crawford Family Forum Events

Tateuchi Democracy Forum

Priced out: Can high-density housing solve the affordability crisis? (#AffordableCA)

Can a city built on the single family home as a sign of success and achievement accept density? Only 30 percent of households earning the state’s median income — $61,000 a year — can now afford to buy a home. More

Maya Sugarman/KPCC

The Discovery Cube - Orange County

Authenticity and gentrification: The future of identity in Santa Ana and beyond (#AT30)

Santa Ana has long  been a majority-Latino city, with a population that is over 78 percent Hispanic or Latino and about 48 percent of its resident born in another country. But ever since efforts began to revitalize the city’s downtown area almost 30 years ago, there’s been fervent discussion about its changing demographics and whether Santa Ana should embrace its Latino heritage by preserving it, or favor economic development that could stifle unique cultural expression. More

Grant Slater/KPCC

Watts Labor Community Action Committee

50 years of Watts: A special live broadcast with Take Two

One of the worst race riots the United States has ever seen started August 11, 1965, in the South L.A. neighborhood of Watts.  More

Ivy Augusta

California Plaza

65-92: The rhythm changes but the struggle remains

Kamasi Washington makes the 1965 and 1992 socio-political conversations musical using the potent jazz and hip hop voices of Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Billy Higgins, 2Pac, Snoop, and Cypress Hill. More

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)

The Crawford Family Forum

E = mc2: How Einstein’s theory of relativity changed everything

Relativity.  It's nearly as famous as the physicist who rocked the world when he revealed it, first with the special theory in 1905, and then with his General Theory of Relativity published November 25, 1915. More

California Plaza

The Last Jimmy: A Hip Hop Musical with The Roots' Dice Raw

This poignant musical odyssey explores mass incarceration, the criminal justice system, and the prison-industrial complex through the eyes of young black males. More

Lauren Moon/SCPR

The Crawford Family Forum

Pulling back the blue curtain: When should we have access to police records?

Ferguson…Baltimore…North Charleston…Los Angeles – sites of police shootings that point to the tension between accountability and privacy. Public access to records – especially those of law enforcement – is an increasing source of questions and conflict between citizens and government agencies. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Planetary Radio Live: New Horizons' date with Pluto

After sailing across the solar system for over nine years, on July 14th NASA’s New Horizons will finally have its close encounter with Pluto. More

California Plaza


NYC-based Lyricist Lounge curates their first West Coast evening of socially conscious rap and hip hop. Pacifica Radio’s on-the-ground coverage of the 1965 events will serve as source material for select musical compositions. Before the show, join KPCC for "downSTAGE with Take Two” at 7:30 for a conversation with KPCC’s A Martinez and special guests. More

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)

El Portal Theatre

How will LA's wage hike affect its workers and businesses?

Not even the current state of Hollywood’s film business can match the drama of the minimum wage debate in Los Angeles. More