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MAK Center at the Schindler House

The future of the single-family house: New housing models for Los Angeles (#3rdLA)

At once vulnerable and inviolate, a disappearing architectural species and the most protected building type in the city, the single-family house continues to play an outsize role in debates over architecture, planning and growth in Los Angeles. More

Bill Youngblood/SCPR

The Crawford Family Forum

AirTalk with Larry Mantle - Special 30th anniversary live broadcast (#AT30)

A gallon of gas cost about $1.10, a postage stamp cost 22 cents and Ronald Reagan was President. The compact disc gained popularity and production of New Coke began (and ended). Microsoft released Windows 1. More

Thorne Hall, Occidental College

A debate over the new LACMA (#3rdLA)

Architect Peter Zumthor’s plan to radically redesign the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has divided critics and architects in L.A. like no other proposal in recent memory. Host Christopher Hawthorne, LACMA director Michael Govan, Carolina Miranda of the Los Angeles Times, and some of the plan’s most committed opponents will gather for a vigorous examination of the plan. More

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)

The Crawford Family Forum

3D Printers in the Classroom – design, creativity and tech skills for today’s students

Are 3D printers really the classroom tool of the future? Do students need to be exposed to 3D printing technology to be competitive for jobs? More

The Crawford Family Forum

Community Cinema: 'The Homestretch'

The Homestretch a film by Anne de Mare & Kirsten Kelly. More

Photo by Kevin Baird via Flickr Creative Commons

The Crawford Family Forum

Society of Professional Journalists presents: Send in the drones

In Los Angeles, the paparazzi work the streets and TV news helicopters take to the skies. But will we soon see the day when journalists routinely rely on drones to get the job done? More

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)

The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: Solar power - energy of the future?

Your electric bill goes up, or the grid goes down…Is our sun the answer? Host Mat Kaplan and his guests ask “What’s next in solar?” More

Choi Auditorium, Occidental College

City of Quartz at 25 (#3rdLA)

Arguably the most important book written about Los Angeles in the last four decades -- and easily the most controversial -- City of Quartz is about to turn 25. How well does Mike Davis’s polemical, darkly dystopian vision of Los Angeles, which helped shaped the thinking of a generation of regional architects and writers, hold up? As the perfect distillation of Second L. More

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)


REDCAT and KPCC's The Frame present: Hearing Latino voices in contemporary culture

Even as Latino communities have long been essential parts of our society and culture, it seems that only recently national marketers and political pollsters have noticed that one-sixth of the U.S. population is of Latino or Hispanic heritage. More

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)

Sunnylands Center & Gardens

The future of California's Republican Party (#AT30)

As AirTalk celebrates 30 years on the air, we look ahead to how political parties will shift in the decades to come. What are the issues that will matter most to voters in 2016? More