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The Crawford Family Forum

KPCC presents a World Cup 2014 warm-up: USA vs Mexico

The heated and storied rivalry between U.S. and Mexico teams has captivated fans on both sides of the border. So put your team gear on and join us at our Crawford Family Forum Wednesday, April 2. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

From Burning Bras to Hot Debate: Is feminism doing right by women today?

The days of bra burning may be gone, but there’s still plenty of fire around feminism. In 2014, is there even a movement anymore? If yes, what is it now? More


Regal Cinemas L.A. Live Stadium 14

When Hollywood advocates, should people listen?

When a passionate group of well-known film-makers get together to make change in our society, people pay attention. What is it about that combo of message and messenger that works? More

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The Crawford Family Forum

California Drought: What options are there for weathering the state's water crisis?

California is in one of the worst droughts in years. Sea levels are rising as fresh water disappears. Are we facing a global crisis – or just a local problem? More


The Crawford Family Forum

'The Trials of Muhammad Ali'

The "Trials of Muhammad Ali" covers the boxer's toughest fight: his struggle to overturn a five-year prison sentence for refusing U.S. military service. More

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KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

Economics plain and simple with Marketplace’s Paddy Hirsch

You can join Paddy and KPCC’s business reporter Ben Bergman as they talk economics – pure and simple - at the Crawford Family Forum. More

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Zimmer Children's Museum

6 ways kids can play their way to success

What if play outside the classroom could actually boost the learning inside it? More

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Milken Institute

A Hollywood Exit: What California must do to remain competitive in entertainment – and keep jobs

For the last decade and a half, California’s position as the global leader in film and television production has been under siege. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Johnny Cash: The Life

Robert Hilburn, longtime music critic and author of "Johnny Cash: The Life," talks with KPCC's Oscar Garza about Cash's life, work, and legacy. More

KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

KPCC Valentine's Day Community Blood Drive

KPCC is hosting a community blood drive with the American Red Cross on Valentine's Day- Friday, February 14. The public and members of the community are invited to participate. More