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The Crawford Family Forum

Advice for women in tech from Girl Geeks: Don't play it safe, prep questions, start doing

What is currently being done to promote girls and women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers and leadership positions? More

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The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: Is This the Starship Century?

Regrettably, interstellar voyages with today’s technology would take thousands of years. We’re not there yet, but some of the smartest people on our planet are working on ways we can conquer the final frontier. More

Written by Samantha Geimer, Published by Atria Books

KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

The Girl: A view from the center of the Polanski scandal

KPCC's Crawford Family Forum hosts Rare Bird Lit for Samantha Geimer in conversation with Rebecca Keegan with special guest Lawrence Silver. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

The Graduates/Los Graduados (Part 1) - School or Street?

Eduardo Corona had one foot in San Diego's gangs and one foot on the college path. His story is one of six featured in 'The Graduates/Los Graduados.' More

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The Crawford Family Forum

The vote on Syria: Watch President Obama's speech

Watch President Obama's speech and share your reactions with fellow citizens. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Archive video: Watch NASA's lunar orbiter’s moon launch

Moon exploration is in the midst of a renaissance! Bill Nye the Science Guy and Planetary Radio host Mat Kaplan joined us for the LIVE launch of the newest lunar explorer. More

The Crawford Family Forum

Vanity Vinyl: Exploring the eclectic world of self-pressed records

Records are making a comeback. Could the people who made their own from 1958 to '92 do the same? Well, for one night at The Crawford Family Forum this summer, they will. More

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KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

Teaching guru Rafe Esquith has some advice for teachers and administrators

The subtitle of his new books says it all: “Advice for Teachers from Rookies to Veterans: “No Retreat, No Surrender!” More

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The Crawford Family Forum

'A Different Tree': The single-parent family on screen and in real life

'A Different Tree' is the story of eight-year-old Pearl's journey to building a relationship with her absent father through a school assignment. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

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