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Lucy Gray

The Crawford Family Forum

The Big Screen: Movies and What They Do to Us

Movies – they can enthrall us through the imitation of life, transport us to another time and place, change us and our culture. More


The Crawford Family Forum

As Goes Janesville - An evening of film and conversation

As Goes Janesville captures the two-year aftermath of GM's 2008 closure of its Janesville, WI, plant. More

Jason Georges/KPCC

The Crawford Family Forum

Comedy Congress Live

Our motto on Comedy Congress is that just when politics makes you want to cry, it’s usually best to laugh. More

Jason Georges/KPCC

The Crawford Family Forum

Props and Pints – It’s a “Know Your Ballot” Party!

With increasing complexity and sometimes misleading language, voters have a monumental job just figuring out what each proposition means. More

The Crawford Family Forum

Woman at the Top: Challenges, Opportunities, Success!

The woman at the top – who is she and how does she operate at a high level of management? More

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The Crawford Family Forum

According to My Religion: A community conversation about faith and voting

When it comes to the relationship between an individual’s religious beliefs and his/her vote, how a person arrives at a decision is as complicated as they come. More

Trisha Harrison

KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

Lost Moon Radio: America Decides

Some profanity. No nudity. Lots of hilarity. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

VEEP Debate– Presidency on the Line

In their first and only debate, the two men met head to head in a challenge that proved to be a marquee event in the long campaign toward the White House. More

Amber Hamilton

Philippe The Original

What’s your Issue? Live from downtown L.A.

On Wednesday, October 10th KPCC political reporter Frank Stoltze and crew are headed to Philippe The Original (better known as Philippe's) in downtown Los Angeles to hear from you. We’ll be there from 6am until noon to listen to what issues are important to you this election year. More

John Scarpati

The Crawford Family Forum

‘Cause Fishbone Is Here to Say: A talk with, and about, Fishbone

L.A. band Fishbone has defied category for over 30 years. Its eclectic mix of musical styles and high-octane performances has earned the group a cult following both within the industry and with everyday fans. More