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Republic of Pie

What do you want from the next LA mayor? Tell us at the Republic of Pie

In advance of the mayoral election on May 21, KPCC is hitting the streets of Los Angeles to give you a chance to tell the next mayor of Los Angeles what you'd like them to do. More


The NerdMelt Showroom

Comics, DIY, and the L.A. Effect

Taking a look at the Angelenos behind Meltdown University, Uncanny X-Force, and A Wrinkle in Time illustrates who's coming to L.A. and what they're making here. More


The Crawford Family Forum

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society's anxieties about women's liberation. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: Space Entrepreneurs Tackle the Final Frontier [VIDEO]

Space...It's still the final frontier, and that frontier is being explored and exploited by a new and innovative cadre of entrepreneurs who are collectively called "Newspace." More

Smithsonian Folkways

The Crawford Family Forum

Worlds of Sound: The Ballad of Folkways

The original indie label – Moses Asch’s Folkways Records, which launched artists like Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly – lives on today as Smithsonian Folkways. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Lost Moon Radio: Science + Technology [VIDEO]

Ever wonder about life on other planets? Or the sexual preferences of ghosts? So has radio host Rand LeBeau. Brought to you by Lost Moon Radio. More

LA STAGE Alliance

The Crawford Family Forum

Professionalism in the American theater: What it means in Los Angeles and beyond

What does "professionalism" mean in the American theater? This is the question asked by a new national research study just released by Yale University. More

The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: Global Climate Change - Can Humanity Survive? [VIDEO]

Are we taking measures against climate change fast enough to preserve our planet and our lifestyle? More

Shirley Jahad

Aldama Elementary School (auditorium)

Changing Neighborhoods: Tradition, Transition, and Gentrification in L.A.

Silver Lake, Venice, Boyle Heights: these L.A. neighborhoods have seen substantial change over the last several years. Today, Highland Park joins those areas as changes abound. More

The Crawford Family Forum

Brand Real: How Smart Companies Live Their Brand Promise [VIDEO]

Apple or Android? Toyota or Jeep? Taco Bell or Chipotle? These days, consumers define themselves through brand choices, with the Internet throwing up new brands every day. More