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The Crawford Family Forum

Arts Integration: a boundary breaker in teaching the Common Core

Science students mix vinegar and water to create fog for a spin-off production of "Macbeth…” More

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LA84 Foundation

1984 to 2024: Lessons learned from the last Olympics

It has been said that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. If the 2024 Summer Olympics are awarded to Los Angeles, repeating history wouldn’t be such a bad idea. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

An Off-Ramp Halloween: Classic tales of horror to chill your marrow

We all know Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” and his other chilling horror stories. But there were many chill-maestros who came before and after Poe, but are now overshadowed by his genius and renown. More

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Milken Institute

Staying afloat during the drought: Using technology to reshape our relationship to water

Researchers tell us Californians need to get used to drought. Climate models predict the state will become considerably hotter and drier in the future as greenhouse gas emissions continue to accumulate in our atmosphere. More

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Angel City Brewery & Public House

Unknown LA: Navigating ‘LAtitudes, An Angeleno’s Atlas’

Maneuvering L.A.’s complicated history and many layers can prove as difficult as navigating its traffic. In the new book “Latitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas,” a diverse group of contributors provide new insights into the complexities of the City of Angels—past and present—through lyrical essays and innovative maps. More

Winifred Smith Hall

The future of speech and ‘microaggressions’ on college campuses (#AT30)

The University of California has come under fire this summer for a series of workshops for deans and department heads on so-called microaggressions -- "slights, snubs or insults...that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target people based solely on their marginalized group membership," according to a University memo. More

Glenn Hartong

The Crawford Family Forum

Can a school save a community? A screening of 'OYLER' with Kai Ryssdal

By one measure, more than half of children in public schools today come from low-income families. The new documentary OYLER explores one school’s radical approach to helping more of those kids succeed, by combining academic, health, and social services under one roof. More

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Keck Theater, Occidental College

The indentured class: The social costs of student debt (#AffordableCA)

If you are just out of school, you may be facing years of debt repayment for the cost of that education, and finding a good job may not be easy. Income levels for most middle-class workers have remained flat for the past 30 years while price tags for housing, transportation, and especially education, have climbed relentlessly. More

Hahn Hall

The future of desalination in Santa Barbara and California (#AT30)

California is experiencing one of the worst droughts in its history. In the midst of this drought, communities are trying to address their current water needs as well as develop long-term strategies. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

From the margins to the mainstream: Race, comedy and prime time TV

The fall season is about to launch. Last year, we saw the likes of "Fresh Off the Boat," "Black-ish," and "Jane the Virgin" poke fun at racial stereotypes, while appealing to audiences across color lines. More