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Josh Bennet

The Crawford Family Forum

HALF THE SKY: Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide

KPCC and Community Cinema presented a special screening of HALF THE SKY: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

No Horse in the Race - It’s the Marketplace 2012 Election Tour

You’ve heard the saying…"It’s the economy, stupid." More

The Crawford Family Forum

Starting that Brand New Business: incubate and innovate your way to success

The hardest thing about starting a business is...well, getting started. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

The Voyagers: 35 years exploring the outer reaches of the Solar System

It’s the 35th anniversary of NASA’s Voyager Interstellar Mission, and The Planetary Society celebrated in the Crawford Family Forum! More

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The Crawford Family Forum

California Forever: Are state parks an endangered species?

The diversity of our state parks mirrors the diversity at the core of our California identity. More


Cerritos Public Library, Skyline Room

Muslim American Identities

90 minutes of discussion about being Muslim in the U.S., how the Koran fits into modern American life, and what sharia law is. More


The Crawford Family Forum

Battlefield, Boardroom or Classroom - Decisions Matter

Good leaders are supposed to make good decisions, but even they often don’t have a clue where to begin. More

The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: Our Inevitable Future | Science and Technology as Global Game Changers

Science and technology are converging to change the global game. More


The Crawford Family Forum

The One: James Brown’s life, music, legacy

When Godfather of Soul James Brown passed in December 2006, he was hailed as the “most sampled man in the biz”. More

The Crawford Family Forum

MARS - Why Earthlings are So-o-o Obsessed!

Mars… the Red Planet fascinates scientists, kids, sci-fi writers, geeks of all kinds, and you and me. More