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The Crawford Family Forum

2012 Election on the Line: The Latino Voter - Assumption vs. Reality

Latinos are a decisive voting bloc in key battleground states with the potential to wield immense political power… and the Republicans and Democrats want and need their support. But what motivates these voters? Given the ethnic, generational and linguistic diversity within this group, can we even answer the question: “Who is the Latino voter?” More


The Crawford Family Forum

Presidential Debates: Round One - Obama vs. Romney - Presidency on the Line

We watched the action live in the Crawford Family Forum, with KPCC’s Frank Stoltze and Raphael Sonenshein, executive director of The Pat Brown Institute. More


The Crawford Family Forum

89.3 KPCC Membership Mixer for the Millennial Generation

No matter what you call us, the Millennial Generation is already making a mark on the Southland! More

The Crawford Family Forum

Instagram Anonymous: A How-To for Photography in the Smartphone Era

In this digital age, the world is hooked on photography. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

To Vote or Not to Vote: Turnout Challenges for 2012

To vote or not to vote: in the midst of Fall 2012’s exciting national and state election season, it’s a question many are asking, and will come to answer differently. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: Innovation + Creativity = Abundance?

Is it a great big, beautiful tomorrow or a chilling collision of science and tech that stifles the human race? Steven Kotler thinks the possibilities are infinitely positive. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Un-Super Heroes: A talk with writer/director Zak Penn

Comics-rooted film franchises and comics-inspired television have taken over the pop culture landscape. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Can Workforce Keep Up with Demand in Health Care? A forum on clinic and hospital needs and opportunities

Health care is widely promoted as one of the fastest-growing and most promising sectors of the American workforce. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

HALF THE SKY: Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide

KPCC and Community Cinema presented a special screening of HALF THE SKY: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

No Horse in the Race - It’s the Marketplace 2012 Election Tour

You’ve heard the saying…"It’s the economy, stupid." More