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The Crawford Family Forum

Comedy Congress Live

The comedic material emanating from Washington D.C., and state capitols across the country, is enough to make any sitcom writer jealous, even if most of that comedy is unintentional. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

International Olympic Day Celebration 2012

For the third consecutive year, Olympic Hall of Fame swimmer and five time medalist, John Naber, moderated a panel discussion about the history and significance of the Olympic Movement. More

The Crawford Family Forum

Why Women Succeed: The art of re-invention

This panel discussion brought together four innovative, creative, entrepreneurial women who moved from one career to another highly successful endeavor. More

Roberto (Bear) Guerra

The Crawford Family Forum

Talking Trash: Does it matter where our garbage goes? (Part 2)

Each of us produces an average of 100 tons of solid waste in our lifetimes, which “dies” in landfills that, in our minds, are very far away. More

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Boys & Girls Club of Mecca

Talking Trash: Does it matter where our garbage goes? (Part 1)

The average person produces 100 tons of waste in a lifetime and more and more of that waste ships out to desert areas that aren’t as distant as we’d imagine. More

Zach First and Paul Zak

The Crawford Family Forum

The Moral Molecule - Paul Zak in conversation with Zachary First

The Drucker Business Forum presents Paul Zak in conversation with Zachary First. More


The Crawford Family Forum

In Mixed Company: Love in LA, the world’s most diverse city

The takeway: Love may be blind and conquer much, but all three of these long-term couples have at times had to draw on a particular kind of strength. More

The Crawford Family Forum

LA County DA candidates square off in KPCC debate

Five candidates running for Los Angeles County district attorney took to the stage of the Crawford Family Forum Tuesday evening to participate in a debate moderated by AirTalk host Larry Mantle. More


The Crawford Family Forum

STRONG! - A Film Screening and Conversation

STRONG!, a moving documentary that follows weightlifter Cheryl Haworth as she struggles with injury, self-confidence and body image on the road to the 2008 Olympic Games. More

The Crawford Family Forum

All the President’s Men – Watergate Up Close

Forty years after Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein broke the story that brought down a sitting U.S. president, the only things dated on the screen are the dial telephones, typewriters, and those haircuts. More