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Real Immigration Reform – Where’s the Progress?

Immigration reform – where are the political leaders and the media? Democrats and Republicans alike have made little progress on immigrant issues over the last few years, but is it for lack of effort? Politics, options wrapped in controversy, and the serious consequences of both doing nothing or going down a path of enforcement creates a mix made for stagnation. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Watergate: The Press, Politics and the Presidency

The Watergate break-in, White House cover-up, Deep Throat’s leaks to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein… it’s the stuff of legend and arguably marked a sea-change in investigative journalism. More


The Crawford Family Forum

Survive, Thrive, Prevail: Finding the New Normal for CA Nonprofits

Jan Masaoka, CEO of the California Association of Nonprofits and author of Blue Avocado magazine, talked with KPCC’s Matt DeBord. More

The Pasadena Sun

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Candidates Forum: California 41st Assembly District

Southern California Public Radio will host the Pasadena Sun for an election forum May 9th, featuring the five candidates running for the 41st Assembly District on the June 5th ballot. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity

From Hoover and Truman to Obama and Bush 1 and 2, the backroom deals, secret alliances, rescue missions and bitter rivalries among America’s current and former presidents have helped shape our politics and history over the last half century. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

An AirTalk Event - What To Do About Iran?

Negotiations with Western powers in Turkey, internal turmoil in Iran, the Stuxnet virus, harsher sanctions, tough talk from Prime Minister Netanyahu….the headlines continue. What should the West, America and Israel do about the looming threat of a nuclear Iran? Muscular military action, a “ wait and see” approach, or a “learn to live with a nuclear Iran” approach? More

LA STAGE Alliance

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Arts Criticism: How Does it Serve Los Angeles?

We know the first thing that arts criticism accomplishes – it tells the critic's readers if they should attend the arts event or not. But does arts criticism bring other benefits to our communities and our society? More

The Crawford Family Forum

AirTalk Event: The History and Future of Hollywood Film Music

Long before movies could talk, they still had the power to tell a story – with music. As film making evolved, so too did the process of scoring for the cinema. But these days, movie budgets are shrinking and composers are feeling the pinch. More

Yiying Fan

The Crawford Family Forum

Apple, China and This American Life: Behind the Scenes with Marketplace's Rob Schmitz

Working conditions; on-the-ground reports from the hardest-hit areas near the failing Fukushima nuclear power plant. It’s all part of the daily beat for Marketplace’s China correspondent Rob Schmitz. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

California 2012: Convergence of Climate Change and Communities of Color

Energy, air quality, climate change in California… state and local agencies are working to address these issues, but how do these efforts impact low-income and communities of color? KPCC’s environment reporter Molly Peterson talks with representatives of The Nature Conservancy, Clean Air Matters and the LURNetwork about the intersection of health, safety and quality of life in the urban core. More