Past Crawford Family Forum Events

Hosted by The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

KPCC & USC present CA’s 33rd Congressional debate with Elan Carr and Ted Lieu

Join us on Wednesday, October 22nd when Ted Lieu and Elan Carr face off in one of their last debates before the November 4th election More


3 Square Cafe and Bakery

What's bringing you to the polls? Tell KPCC in Venice Wednesday

Will you vote on Election Day? What do you want to tell the candidates? Tell KPCC at 3 Square Bakery and Cafe in Abbot Kinney Wednesday. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: the creative curiosity of the scientist–artist

We explore the unbreakable connection between artistic expression and research in this edition of our science series, NEXT: People | Science | Tomorrow. More

Photo Courtesy of MAKERS

The Crawford Family Forum

Community Cinema: 'MAKERS: Women in Space'

A screening of an installment of the PBS documentary series MAKERS, focusing on the history of women pioneers in the U.S. space program. A conversation will follow, moderated by Joanne Griffith. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Planetary Radio Live: MAVEN orbiter meets the Mars atmosphere

MAVEN, a new Mars orbiter just entered the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet, and we were there to watch the whole thing! More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Psychedelic Science: Can psychedelics lose their stigma and become viable treatment options?

Stephanie O’Neill explores the promise of current research on the therapeutic potential of illegal "psychedelic" drugs. More

Bill Youngblood/ KPCC Southern California Public Radio

Beckman Auditorium

Science Friday Live: Science and the silver screen

Join Ira Flatow and KPCC's own Sanden Totten for a thought-provoking evening of science news and entertainment More

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Milken Institute

Panel: 9 ways Southern California could reduce its water use

As the state endures one of the worst droughts in recorded history, SoCal residents are looking for answers about the sustainability of the region’s water supplies. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

John Dean and 'The Nixon Defense'

The Watergate scandal still resonates 40 years after the historic resignation of a sitting United States president. In light of the revelations about the NSA’s widespread surveillance program, it has taken on new significance. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Nikola Tesla: Mad scientist or genius inventor?

Madman, genius, innovator – however you describe Nikola Tesla, he was one of the 20th century’s greatest scientific minds. Many of our modern technologies were born from ideas Tesla dreamed up in his lab. More