Past Crawford Family Forum Events

Courtesy of PBS SoCaL and Community Cinema

The Crawford Family Forum

Community Cinema: 'American Denial'

American Denial explores the power of unconscious biases and how the ideals of liberty, equality, and justice still impact notions of race and class today. More

The Egyptian Theatre

AirTalk's FilmWeek at the Egyptian 2015 (#AT30)

Larry Mantle and the KPCC film critics are ready for their close-ups. The “FilmWeek on AirTalk” Academy Awards preview is coming to the historic Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard at 1:00pm on Sunday, February 8th. More

KPCCRadio (via YouTube)

The Crawford Family Forum

Music and your brain – the science of change

Did you know that learning and playing music can help your attention span and develop better early language skills and reading potential in your kids? More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Chris Farrell on 'Unretirement' – the economics of an aging workforce

Join KPCC's Ben Bergman to discuss how retirement planning is changing with Chris Farrell, Senior Economics Contributor at Marketplace and author of "Unretirement – the economics of an aging workforce" More

The LA84 Foundation

The future of policing in Southern California

AirTalk's Larry Mantle will be facilitating a conversation with people on the frontlines of the policing debate – cops who are out on the street every day and the people who live in the communities they police. More

Audrey Hall

The Crawford Family Forum

Community Cinema: 'A Path Appears'

A Path Appears goes to the USA, Colombia, Haiti, and Kenya to reveal the incredible adversity faced every day by millions of women and girls. More

The Crawford Family Forum

'Serial' Season 1 finale and debrief

Listen to the season finale at our Crawford Family Forum with fellow fans of Serial and KPCC’s Managing Editor Kristen Muller and science reporter Sanden Totten. After we hear the podcast, we’ll talk about the findings with special guests. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

NEXT: Disappearing boundaries – when you become your personal technology

In this edition of NEXT: People | Science | Tomorrow, we will talk with leaders of the personal technology revolution about their vision for the future. More

Bill Youngblood

The Crawford Family Forum

KPCC presents The Dinner Party Download Holiday Frolic!

The Dinner Party Download is throwing a holiday party – and you’re invited! Come hang with Brendan and Rico for an evening of cheery, cheeky fun. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Immigration action: Watch President Obama’s speech with Larry Mantle and KPCC listeners

Join AirTalk host Larry Mantle on Thurs., Nov. 20, as we watch the president’s remarks. Immediately following the screening, Mantle will moderate a discussion with a panel of special guests and fellow KPCC listeners. More