The Crawford Family Forum | Partnership Proposal and Hosted Event Request

The Crawford Family Forum (CFF) is the primary convening space of and a content platform for KPCC, Southern California Public Radio (SCPR). While not a rental venue, the CFF may be made available on occasion to external 501c3 non profit organizations for partnerships and/or hosted events:

  • If an organization is interested in a “Partnership Program” with SCPR/KPCC, the event would need to meet all our criteria (appropriate and relevant content that is aligned with our public service mission and editorial values; does not engage in advocacy, fundraising and/or partisan activities; is timely and/or newsworthy; and is free and open to the public). The partnering organization and SCPR would share responsibility for program, promotion and staffing.
  • If an organization is interested in a “Hosted Event” at the CFF, the event would need to meet most of the above criteria but the organization would be entirely responsible for the program, promotion and most of the staffing. SCPR would also need to charge for the direct and indirect costs associated with hosting the event. A certificate of liability insurance from the organization would be required.

Please use this form to propose a Partnership Program or Hosted Event.