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The Crawford Family Forum

Hack the vote: Making voting easier

We can all probably agree that our voting system is not perfect. Last month, on California’s primary day, some voters throughout the state experienced a range of issues: confusion over provisional ballots and voter registration, ballot shortages and roster errors, to name a few. More

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Tateuchi Democracy Forum

Micro-living: Blueprinting LA's future

L.A. residents have some of the highest rents in the country, and as costs continue to climb many are having to look for more affordable housing. One option is micro-living. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

International Olympic Day celebration 2016

International Olympic Day returns to KPCC with a look-ahead to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. More

Crawford Family Forum

‘Invisibilia’ listening event

The second season of the hugely popular “Invisibilia” podcast launches in mid-June, and we’ve recently added it to our weekend lineup on KPCC. To celebrate, the KPCC In Person is teaming with NPR Generation Listen to host a special listening event on June 16. More

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Brookhurst Community Center

Homeless in OC: Long-term housing solutions for a growing population

Orange County’s homeless population has grown by roughly 5 percent over the last two years, according to the county’s last homeless count. Meanwhile, deaths among the homeless are also increasing. More

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La Plaza de Cultura y Artes

Celebrate Election Day with KPCC’s #WhyIVoted party

The California Primary is June 7, and we’re having a party – complete with free KPCC goodies, refreshments, a photo booth, crafts and a chance to share your thoughts with fellow Angelenos on our mobile recording booth. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

The Race for District 5: An AirTalk debate

The most important vote those in LA County will cast this June is arguably NOT one for president, but for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Two longtime Republican members step down from the Board this year, a result of term limits passed in 2002 limiting supervisors to three terms of four years. More

The Crawford Family Forum

From LA to Shanghai: Marketplace’s Rob Schmitz on life in China

The Pacific Ocean is not all that separates Los Angeles from Shanghai, the city that serves as the financial hub of communist China. But despite differences in language, politics and time zones, Los Angeles and Shanghai have more in common than you may think. More


Brava Theater Center

CA Counts Town Hall: Our state’s role in the 2016 election

 Note: This event is part of our CA Counts collaboration and will be taking place in San Francisco with KQED. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Money in politics: Finance, regulation and disclosure in California's ballot initiative process

As we look to the November ballot, this is expected to be a record year for citizen initiatives in California with more than a hundred already proposed and filed with the Secretary of State. More