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The Crawford Family Forum

Race talk: Tackling racism and identity with kids

The 2016 presidential election, high-profile police shootings of black men and women, as well as conversations about diversity in Hollywood have all placed a focus on race, racism and identity in the United States. More

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The Penthouse of NoHo

The myth of "the starving artist”: Reimagining a career in the arts

Young people who dream of careers in the arts often hear skeptical questions from parents and other adults: “How are you going to pay the bills?” “You don’t want to be a starving artist, do you?” More

The Crawford Family Forum

Culture Shift: How to take a company from good to great

In today’s workplace, there’s a new emphasis on open communication, passion and teamwork. But is that enough for a company to succeed? More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Bringing data center stage: The numbers behind arts ed

Management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets managed.” And it’s often true that in order to tackle a problem, you need data to illuminate the issue. More

Tateuchi Democracy Forum

‘The Bad Kids’ – an Indie Lens Pop-Up screening and conversation

There's an alternative high school in Southern California that's considered a last resort for teenagers who have fallen so far behind in school credits that they have almost no chance of receiving a diploma. More

La Plaza De Cultura y Artes

Election Central: candidates forum and election watch party

Yep. It’s already time for another election in Los Angeles County. On March 7, voters head to the polls to cast ballots on a countywide homeless measure and, depending on where they live, local offices and proposals. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

AirTalk voter cram session: Measures S and H

Though the November election is still fresh in our minds, it’s already time for L.A. voters to turn their attention back to the ballot box. That’s because there’s not one but two elections coming up this spring. More

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The Theatre at Ace Hotel

AirTalk’s FilmWeek: 2017 Oscar preview

On Sunday, February 19, one week before the 89th Academy Awards, KPCC In Person will convene AirTalk’s FilmWeek critics for its Oscar preview event. This year, host Larry Mantle and the critics take the stage of the historic Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. More

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The Crawford Family Forum

Incoming! Studying and avoiding near-Earth asteroids and comets

Near Earth Objects (NEOs) have played a major role throughout Earth’s history. (Ask a dinosaur if you doubt it.) More than 15,000 have been discovered so far, but scientists suspect many more cross the path of our home planet. More

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The Mark Taper Forum

The return of "Zoot Suit": downSTAGE with The Frame

Racial tensions in Los Angeles exploded when, in 1943, American sailors set out to attack young Mexican-American men who were being blamed for an uptick in violence. The targets were youths who had adopted, as their signature look, the zoot suit – the stylish, baggy outfit that had been made popular by jazz musicians in New York. More