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In 'Aroused,' porn stars reveal the intimate details of their off-screen lives

Photographer Deborah Anderson has made a name for herself shooting pictures of celebrities such as Elton John, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford and the singer Pink. But recently she turned her lens to stars of a different sort: adult film performers.

Dean Jeffries, TV car creator for the Monkees, Green Hornet, dies

Jeffries, car customizer known for creating the Black Beauty for “The Green Hornet," the Monkeemobile for “The Monkees” and giving James Dean’s Porsche a custom paint job, has died.

Why comic book fans hate the Mandarin in 'Iron Man 3' (POLL)

“You’ll never see me coming.” That quote from Sir Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin sums up the film’s surprise twist.

Stop-motion effects master Ray Harryhausen dies, 92 (video)

Special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen died Tuesday. Harryhausen brought to life a wide variety of creatures, utilizing stop-motion animation in the pre-CGI era.

Al Pacino quits 'Despicable Me 2'; here are 4 horrible movies Pacino said yes to

Al Pacino has quit his role in “Despicable Me 2,” just two months before the film’s release, citing creative differences. He's said yes to a lot of bad movies.

'Scarface'/'Rocky III' actor/LA newsman Mario Machado dies

An L.A. TV news anchor in the 1960s and 1970s who appeared in movies like “Rocky III" has died. Machado was L.A.’s first Asian-American newscaster.

'Iron Man 3' rakes in $175.3M in No. 2 domestic debut

According to studio estimates Sunday, "Iron Man 3" had the second-biggest debut ever, behind the $207.4 million start last year for "The Avengers," which teamed him with other Marvel Comics heroes.

Re-evaluating Friedkin's 'Sorcerer' and other 'flops' by the wizards of the 1970s

A new revival of director William Friedkin's notorious 1977 box office failure "Sorcerer'" has Off-Ramp contributor RH Greene thinking about other ambitious cinematic flops from the "New Hollywood" era, and how time has been kind to them.

Salman Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children' heads to the big screen

We recently spoke with Salman Rushdie who said he never imagined this book would make it to the silver screen when it was first published 32 years ago.

Netflix loses 2,000 instant streaming titles

Sorry everyone — Netflix is cutting 1,794 titles, with a big chunk of that thanks to licensing agreements expiring with Warner Bros., MGM and Universal.

Don't *@#*%! with another man's vehicle: 'Pulp Fiction' Chevy found after 19 years

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino's red convertible used in "Pulp Fiction' was stolen in 1994; officers believe they recovered it this month in the Oakland area.

'Draft Day' starts shooting as 2013 NFL Draft begins

The 2013 NFL Draft started Thursday. Also on hand for the draft — the cast and crew of “Draft Day,” shooting a new football movie starring Kevin Costner.

Disney, AMC settle 'Iron Man 3' release battle (trailer)

"Iron Man 3" is coming to the nation's 2nd-largest theater chain after all — AMC settled a dispute with Walt Disney Studios that threatened next week's launch.

VIDEO: Zach Braff wants that money you gave the Veronica Mars Kickstarter

Braff wrote and directed “Garden State,” and now he wants to make “Wish I Was Here” — and is asking fans for $2 million on Kickstarter to fund it.

Chinese TV casts actors to join Marky Mark and the clunky bunch in 'Transformers 4'

Ability to turn into a laser-fighting robot race car is neither required, nor encouraged.

Movie ratings to come with more prominent descriptions

The MPAA launches campaign to encourage parents to 'check the box' below a movie's rating for more prominent descriptions of its content.