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Force of nature J.J. Abrams goes from Star Trek to Star Wars, fans fight in cyberspace

Extreme fans collides - It's Starfleet on Skywalker, Empire against Enterprise, and no shortage of phaser fire for the newest captain of the proverbial ship.

Sundance: 'Kill Your Darlings' & 'Big Sur' Kerouac double feature

If the Beat Generation hadn't existed, Sundance would have had to invent it. So much of what we associate with hipster culture today originates with the Beats. They wrote a few good poems and novels, too.

Ray Greene at Sundance 2013: 'Lovelace' is an acting showcase, but lacks passion

"Lovelace" is like a faked orgasm — a pale simulation, lacking in passion, danger and all the raw red stuff of actual life.

'20 Feet from Stardom' wins documentary Oscar, was first film to sell at Sundance

Director Morgan Neville: "It's the kind of thing you fantasize about for years when you're making films. My head's spinning. It's a huge relief. And it means I get to go see movies."

Sundance 2013: Dave Grohl's documentary love letter, 'Sound City'

For all the on-camera bonhomie, this is a monarch's eye view of music making, without an ounce of egalitarianism. If it empowers the amateur, it's not only suspect, it's villainous.

Study finds more women direct indie films than Hollywood movies

A USC study finds that women wrote, directed, or produced nearly a third of the films shown at Sundance between 2002 and 2012.

Ray Greene on Sundance 2013: 'Interior: Leather Bar'

There is a strong pornographic flavor to much of "Interior. Leather Bar," including lingering images of male body parts we don't necessarily associate with actors who star in Disney tentpole films.

The James Sundance 2013: Franco Perplex and Christine Voros' KINK

"Kink" is an intriguing but ultimately tiring documentary about fetish filmmaking. The more layered and intriguing "Interior: Leather Bar" offers a genre-defying blend of narrative, documentary and experimental approaches.

Sketch to screen: The history of film costume illustration (Photos)

When Deborah Nadoolman Landis was starting out in the costume shops of major Hollywood studios, she remembers finding “stacks and stacks” of old drawings - stuffed under tables, into walls for insulation, underfoot, being used as doormats. At that time, no one considered the sketches made for costume designs to be art.

Robert Wagner declines to be interviewed in Natalie Wood death

Robert Wagner has declined to be interviewed by detectives in a renewed inquiry into the drowning death of his wife Natalie Wood three decades ago.

Empire strikes back at White House's Death Star decision

The White House made news by rejecting the idea of building a Death Star (while also promoting the space program and science education). Now, the Empire has responded.

'7 Up!' grows up into a life-long project for Michael Apted

Apted continued his own life trajectory by becoming an acclaimed director, while revisiting the series every seven years. The latest installment, directed by Apted, is 56 Up!, which opens in L.A. this Friday.

Director Kathryn Bigelow defends torture scenes in "Zero Dark Thirty"

Director Kathryn Bigelow is defending torture scenes in "Zero Dark Thirty," saying the military hunt for Osama bin Laden wasn't free of moral consequences.

10 best posts from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Reddit AMA

“Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator.” That’s how our former governor introduced himself as he took to Reddit.

Japanese film director Nagisa Oshima dies at 80

Nagisa Oshima, a Japanese director known for internationally acclaimed films "Empire of Passion" and "In the Realm of the Senses," has died of pneumonia. He was 80.

VIDEO: Jodie Foster's not-quite-coming-out Golden Globes speech

Jodie Foster made news by kind-of-coming out at the Golden Globes Sunday night, but in an odd opening she shouted out NBC’s “Saturday Night Live."