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#CancelColbert: Suey Park, the activist behind the hashtag

She doesn't like the term "hashtag activism." A writer from the Chicago area, Park says her crusades against sexism and racism go beyond pithy one-liners on Twitter.

Creator of '60s TV 'Batman' Lorenzo Semple Jr. dies

The man behind "Bif! Bam! Pow!" being the three words — well, sounds — most associated with superheroes has passed away.

Bridging the language barrier at movies

A new app called myLINGO allows movie-goers to listen to the Spanish-language soundtrack in sync with the movie.

Paul Walker death: Car going 80 mph or more when it crashed

The Porsche carrying "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker was speeding at the time of the crash; mechanical problems were not a factor.

Former Animal Planet host sentenced for lizard sale

Donald Schultz, the former host of Animal Planet's "Wild Recon" show, has been sentenced to two years' probation and 200 hours of community service..

On the Lot: 'Divergent,' 'God's Not Dead,' 'Jem and the Holograms'

"Divergent" won the box office this past weekend but religious drama "God's Not Dead" was the biggest surprise. And 1980s television show "Jem and the Holograms" is getting a movie remake.

'Homeland' actor James Rebhorn dies at 65

James Rebhorn, the prolific character actor whose credits included "Homeland," ''Scent of a Woman" and "My Cousin Vinny," has died. He was 65.

ABC Family pilot 'Alice in Arabia' pulled after backlash

A pilot for ABC Family was pulled from production this weekend after generating concern that it was based on stereotypes of Saudi Arabia and Muslim women.

Obama praises Cesar Chavez, cracks jokes at biopic screening

Obama spoke at a White House screening of the film "Cesar Chavez: An American Hero" before having to leave early, promising to watch the movie this weekend on DVD.

ABC Family pilot 'Alice in Arabia' faces online backlash

ABC Family announced this week it will add three new pilots to its programming. One is “Alice in Arabia,” and it's already seen a backlash on Twitter.

'Veronica Mars,' 'This American Life' take over KPCC studios

The "Veronica Mars" movie opened in limited release Friday, and it features a very special guest star: The KPCC studios, doubling for the home base of "This American Life."

Comedian David Brenner, Carson 'Tonight Show' favorite, dies

The gangly, toothy Brenner made more than 150 appearances as a guest and substitute host on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," starting in the 1970s.

TV dance next for snowboarder Amy Purdy after Paralympic bronze

American snowboarder Amy Purdy had a strenuous routine in Sochi — on the mountain in the morning, then dancing at night.

In 'Grand Piano,' Elijah Wood feels the pressure of a world-class pianist

In his latest film, Elijah Wood plays a famous concert pianist named Tom Selznick who retires after botching a notoriously difficult piece of music known as La Cinquette, written by his mentor a piano legend named Patrick Godureaux.

'Veronica Mars' cast reunion kicks off TV's PaleyFest

The cast and creators of the Kickstarter-funded movie based on the cult 2004-'07 CW TV series will reunite in the first panel of the "ultimate TV fan festival."

CBS announces a sweeping 18 prime-time season renewals

Top-rated CBS has renewed 18 more of its prime-time series. This on the heels of previous announcements that "The Big Bang Theory" and "Survivor" will be back.