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Grauman's theater to show "The Godfather" for a quarter

The Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood will be showing Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, "The Godfather", for just 25 cents.

Damn his Eyes! Wayne White in new film Beauty is Embarassing, now in LA

"Beauty is Embarrassing" is about how Wayne White has lived his art through his life and is, THANK GOD, not another damned tortured artist.

Services for Michael Clarke Duncan to be held next week

Michael Clarke Duncan's life will be celebrated with a public casket viewing and a private service next week. "The Green Mile" star died Monday.

'Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54 (photos)

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan has died at 54, his fiancee, reality star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, says.

Sundance Cinemas' WeHo theater opens after complete remodel

Sundance Cinemas' VP of Marketing describes the changes, previews the first movies to be shown and hints at a big announcement involving the Sundance Institute.

'Top Gun' director's notes didn't say why he would kill himself

Los Angeles County coroner's officials say notes left behind by "Top Gun" director Tony Scott did not give a motive why he would kill himself.

Time-lapse photographer captures Los Angeles at 'Nightfall'

“I wanted this to be a tour de force,” photographer Colin Rich said. “I wanted the camera to feel like it’s pulling you through the city."

New documentary shows life living with biploar illness

Lisa Klein and documentary filmmaker Douglas Blush tell the story of bipolar illness through the lens of those who live with it.

Tony Scott autopsy complete, possible health issues being investigated

The L.A. Coroner's office confirmed with KPCC that the autopsy of famed director Tony Scott was completed on Monday. The results have not yet been released.

Commentator Barry Cutler: RIP Tony Scott

I went to see Tony's first feature film, which included Sarandon and Deneuve making love. I imagined Tony jumping about behind the camera, clapping his hands,

'Top Gun' director Scott dies after jumping off LA bridge

Tony Scott, director of "Top Gun," has died after jumping from a Los Angeles County bridge. ABC News reports that Scott was suffering from inoperable brain cancer.

Tony Scott remembered following suicide (slideshow)

The film community is sharing their thoughts following the suicide of "Top Gun" director Tony Scott. Scott leapt to his death Sunday afternoon; he was 68.

'The Expendables 2' tops box office with $28.8m

A couple of action movies battled for the box office top spot this weekend, as the second-highest grossing film of the year dropped to number six.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte plans move to LA after Olympics — to act

One of the biggest names in Olympic swimming, Ryan Lochte, is relocating to Los Angeles for a film deal from Will Ferrell and a TV development deal.

A 'Bus Stop' on the way to fame: Don Murray and Marilyn, 50 years later

Dad was 26 years old when he costarred with Marilyn in Bus Stop, 20th Century Fox's screen adaptation of William Inge's classic play, directed by Joshua Logan.

Gentlemen still prefer blondes: a look at Marilyn Monroe’s movies 50 years after her death

This Sunday marks the 50 year anniversary of the death of Norma Jeane Mortenson, more commonly known as Marilyn Monroe.