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ABC Family pilot 'Alice in Arabia' faces online backlash

ABC Family announced this week it will add three new pilots to its programming. One is “Alice in Arabia,” and it's already seen a backlash on Twitter.

'Veronica Mars,' 'This American Life' take over KPCC studios

The "Veronica Mars" movie opened in limited release Friday, and it features a very special guest star: The KPCC studios, doubling for the home base of "This American Life."

Comedian David Brenner, Carson 'Tonight Show' favorite, dies

The gangly, toothy Brenner made more than 150 appearances as a guest and substitute host on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," starting in the 1970s.

TV dance next for snowboarder Amy Purdy after Paralympic bronze

American snowboarder Amy Purdy had a strenuous routine in Sochi — on the mountain in the morning, then dancing at night.

In 'Grand Piano,' Elijah Wood feels the pressure of a world-class pianist

In his latest film, Elijah Wood plays a famous concert pianist named Tom Selznick who retires after botching a notoriously difficult piece of music known as La Cinquette, written by his mentor a piano legend named Patrick Godureaux.

'Veronica Mars' cast reunion kicks off TV's PaleyFest

The cast and creators of the Kickstarter-funded movie based on the cult 2004-'07 CW TV series will reunite in the first panel of the "ultimate TV fan festival."

CBS announces a sweeping 18 prime-time season renewals

Top-rated CBS has renewed 18 more of its prime-time series. This on the heels of previous announcements that "The Big Bang Theory" and "Survivor" will be back.

'Veronica Mars' creator Rob Thomas aims film at newbies and fans

Speaking with Take Two's Alex Cohen, the creator of the cult TV show says he wrote the movie — opening Friday — for Kickstarter fans, as well as people who never saw the CW series.

From Off-Ramp to SXSW: Mateo Stoneman, the Anglo mariachi

One thing stays the same about Mateo Stoneman through all the twists and turns of his story, from New Hampshire to prison to Olvera Street to Cuba — his musicianship.

Hal Douglas, the voice of many, many movie trailers, dies at 89

Douglas was the voice of, among other things, the trailers of "Con Air," "Philadelphia," "Forrest Gump," and "Lethal Weapon."

Women in Hollywood: Understanding Anne Sweeney's decision to leave Disney

Disney TV executive Anne Sweeney's decision to step off the career path came as a shock to some, but others understand her need to get closer to the creative process.

Top Disney TV exec Anne Sweeney leaving to direct TV

Anne Sweeney, one of Disney's top television executives who helped bring TV shows to Apple's iTunes digital store, is leaving the company at the end of the year.

'True Detective': We unpack the secrets of the title sequence

As HBO's hit show wraps tonight, Patrick Clair — who created the memorable sequence — tells Take Two how the haunting images came together and what's behind them.

'The Grand Budapest Hotel': A conversation with Wes Anderson and Tony Revolori

Earlier this week, Take Two had the chance to talk with "The Grand Budapest Hotel" director Wes Anderson and star of the film, Tony Revolori.

Family Sky: ‘Cosmos’ reboot expanding into half a billion homes

"Cosmos" is expanding. A panel of otherworldly experts and entertainment executives met this week in Griffith Park to talk about the legacy of Carl Sagan and the reboot of his seminal science series.

'True Detective': The Handsome Family performs the theme song live on KPCC

"True Detective" marks yet another success for HBO, but it has also helped introduce a wider audience to a particularly dark Americana band from New Mexico.