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UCLA report shows Hollywood's entertainment industry still lacks diversity

A new report out of UCLA highlights the lack of people of color in TV and film.

How indie star Greta Gerwig met her new CBS sitcom

CBS landed a much admired actress and writer of independent films to star in the follow-up to a long-running, soon-to-end network sitcom.

NBC's Tom Brokaw diagnosed with cancer

The network says the onetime national news anchor and current special NBC News correspondent was diagnosed in August with multiple myeloma

Shirley Temple dies; child movie star became diplomat

The iconic child movie star's singing and dancing in movies charmed millions during the Great Depression, when she was the top box-office draw.

Hollywood Jobs: Red Carpet Stylist

Judging the outfits of movie stars on the red carpet is like a spectator sport: lots of armchair judges will critique every last detail, and God help you if you're a star who finds out that someone else at the event has the exact same dress. That's where stylist David Zyla comes in.

'Lego Movie' opens with big $69.1M box office

"The Lego Movie" clicked with moviegoers, assembling an exceptional $69.1 million debut at the weekend box office, according to studio estimates.

Brooks Wheelan cast on SNL halfway through yearlong video diary

New "Saturday Night Live" cast member Brooks Wheelan started the year as an engineer in L.A. and ended it living in New York and working on SNL. And he videoed it all.

Dylan Farrow responds to Woody Allen's New York Times column

Dylan Farrow responded late Friday in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter about Woody Allen's defense of allegations that he molested her.

Woody Allen responds to Dylan Farrow molestation allegations

Woody Allen wrote a New York Times guest column Friday following renewed attention given to allegations he molested adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.

Leno's last 'Tonight' draws 14.6 million viewers

The audience for Leno's final show as host of "Tonight" was the biggest since May 14, 1998, when Jerry Seinfeld appeared as a guest to mark the end of his sitcom.

Lego movie's key audience may be AFOLs: Adult Fans of Lego

Adult Fans of Lego are part of a built-in fan base that is sure to drive ticket sales for "The Lego Movie," which opens Friday.

'The Lego Movie': Writer and director share about film

A common childhood toy comes to life in "The Lego Movie," which hits theaters this weekend. The writers and directors share how they brought these famous blocks to the silver screen.

The real-life 'Monuments Men': The complex story behind the movie

George Clooney anchors a thriller about a military unit that worked to recover and protect precious artwork during World War II, but who were the real members?

After 22 years, Leno bids a teary farewell to 'The Tonight Show'

Jay Leno has said goodbye to "The Tonight Show" before, but not like this. Watch his tearful farewell Thursday as he concluded what he called the "greatest 22 years of my life."

Foreign film Oscar candidate 'Gloria' explores singledom in Chile's clubs

Director Sebastian Lelio was honored to be submitted but can take or leave the Oscars. "When it happens, you have to go. When it doesn't, you follow with your work."

'Where They Raced' — New doc tells LA's forgotten auto racing history

A new documentary shows us how auto racing is intimately tied to L.A.'s history, and how your daily commute might be taking you down the straightaway or a Dead Man's Curve of a long-defunct racetrack.