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Hollywood Jobs: Animated feature directors

As part of our series Hollywood Jobs, we had the chance to visit the Dreamworks campus for a chat with the creators of, "The Croods," Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, who both wrote and directed the film.

Oscar nominees rack up early wins over the weekend

Screenwriting nominees "Her" and "Captain Phillips" both won a Writers Guild Award. Key awards for cinematography and animation were also handed out this weekend.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and the blessings of friction

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died Sunday, after a career in which he stepped back from both likability and villainy to explore a different kind of connection with audiences.

Woody Allen reps calls New York Times article 'disgraceful'

Representatives for Woody Allen lashed out Sunday about the claims that he molested his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow.

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies from apparent overdose at 46

Philip Seymour Hoffman, the prolific film and theater actor who starred in a number of successful Hollywood films, has died of an apparent drug overdose.

Dylan Farrow speaks out on alleged abuse, calls out Hollywood

Woody Allen's alleged sexual abuse of daughter Dylan received renewed attention following his lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes, and now she's speaking out.

Oscar-winning actor Maximilian Schell dies at 83

Schell, a fugitive from Hitler who won an Oscar for his role as a defense attorney in "Judgment at Nuremberg," has died. Watch highlights from his performances here.

Yes, Jesse Eisenberg should absolutely play Lex Luthor

Don't dismiss the idea of Jesse Eisenberg being a great Luthor — he's played a pretty impressive megalomaniac before.

Oscars 2014: Best Makeup nominee Joel Harlow

Academy Award winner Joel Harlow is a man of a thousand faces, but almost none of them are his. He's nominated again, this time for his work on Johnny Depp in "The Lone Ranger."

Oscars 2014: 'Best Song' nomination rescinded

The Oscar nomination for "Best Original Song" has been revoked for the song "Alone Yet Not Alone," written by Bruce Broughton and Dennis Spiegel.

Super Bowl XLVIII commercials: See 19 ads before they air

Companies looking to take advantage of Super Bowl advance hype to hype their own products have posted a number of ads already before Sunday's game. See them all here.

Los Angeles film czar Tom Sherak dies, 68

Tom Sherak, who was named Los Angeles's first film czar by Mayor Eric Garcetti in September, has died, the mayor confirmed on Twitter.

Gawker fires back in Tarantino copyright row

In a post on its site, the company says the leaked file did not appear on their servers, had already been widely disseminated online, and had been touted by Tarantino himself.

For Taiwanese news animators, funny videos are serious work

Go behind the scenes at the Taipei-based Next Media Animation to find out why this fast-moving — and controversial — company says it's charting the future of news.

Cuaron wins DGA for 'Gravity,' gains Oscar edge

Alfonso Cuaron was awarded the top film honor from theDirectors Guild of America for "Gravity" on Saturday night, giving the lost-in-space saga an edge on the journey to the Academy Awards.

DGA Awards winner could get edge in tight Oscar race

With the tightest three-way Oscar race in years, the 66th Annual DGA Awards could give "Gravity," ''American Hustle" or "12 Years a Slave" the edge in the Oscars.