Treyf hits the fan in LA kosher meat scandal

A high-end kosher meat market in Pico-Robertson is accused of picking up empty glatt kosher boxes and using fraudulent stickers to repack them with non-kosher meat.

Cheese wiz: How to do grate during National Grilled Cheese Month

Clementine's cozy and popular neighborhood cafe has been offering grilled cheese menus that are possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread. Their 12th Annual Celebration of National Grilled Cheese Month is no exception.

LA restaurateur shames no-shows on Twitter: Do you approve? (Poll)

Are we just less polite or thoughtful when it comes to dealing with businesses? If restaurants adopted this more widely, would it prevent people from “no-showing?” Read the tweets and share your opinion in our poll.

Will 3 million kids eat broccoli for lunch?

Six U.S. school districts, serving a combined total of nearly 3 million lunches every school day, have formed an alliance to keep costs down and the quality of food up.

An Austrian cooking lesson; or "How much is an Esslossel?"

Trying to avoid bland, I ended up more than doubling the proper amount of paprika, resulting in a kind of Danubian vindaloo that had our guests gasping like circus fire eaters working overtime. Do not underestimate those Mitteleuropische seasonings: they can pack all the wallop of Oaxacan chile molido.

PBR Twinkies, Champagne Hot Pockets: One of these just got closer to reality

A judge has approved the sale of Twinkies to a pair of firms, one of which owns L.A.-headquartered Pabst beer. The dream of a beer-soaked snack sponge is closer than ever.

Wine revolution: US drinkers and growers declare independence

The number of U.S. wineries has climbed from 400 to 7,000 since the 1970s. And some of those local wines are "stunning," says wine expert Jancis Robinson.

Juice ATM: Because nothing says wellness like fresh juice at 4:12 am

Kreation Juicery has debuted a 24-hour fresh juice-dispensing ATM at their new Beverly Hills location.

Bacon Social

Bacon Social is a monthly party that takes place at Factory in downtown Los Angeles featuring music, art, arcade games, and 100 pounds of free bacon.

How to find a food desert near you

A new clickable atlas shows just how far it is to the grocery store, everywhere in the United States. "Food deserts" are the focus of state, local, and federal anti-obesity efforts.

Career suicide? Why a professional foodie went vegetarian

Washington Post food editor Joe Yonian took a bit of a professional risk this week by publicly declaring his vegetarianism.

BaoHaus chef Eddie Huang on how to make it as a restaurateur

Eddie Huang, owner/chef of BaoHaus in New York, chronicles his unconventional career path in his new book, "Fresh Off the Boat."

Horsemeat found in IKEA's meatballs

The Swedish furniture giant is the latest retailer swept up in Europe's widening horse-meat scandal. The affected meatballs have been pulled from stores.

One city's love affair with processed cheese

If you're not from St. Louis, you've probably never heard of Provel. It's a processed blend of cheeses extolled in the area for its buttery texture and smoky, tangy flavor.

LA cheese stores add culture to the cheesiest day of the year (recipes)

Suggestions, selections and favorite recipes from L.A.'s best cheese stores. Here's how to go genuinely cheesy on Valentine's Day.

U.K. slaughterhouses raided as Europe's horse meat scandal widens

The scandal has shown just how long and winding the food chain really is, and how little oversight is exercised within Europe's open borders.