LA cheese stores add culture to the cheesiest day of the year (recipes)

Suggestions, selections and favorite recipes from L.A.'s best cheese stores. Here's how to go genuinely cheesy on Valentine's Day.

U.K. slaughterhouses raided as Europe's horse meat scandal widens

The scandal has shown just how long and winding the food chain really is, and how little oversight is exercised within Europe's open borders.

Hearts on fire: The business of V-Day candy

No matter if you're casually dating, completely in love, or nursing the pain of a breakup, you can still enjoy the best part of the Valentine's Day: candy!

From fine dining to fan dining; the chef behind Staples Center foods

Popcorn, hot dogs and pizza are just part of the game-day scene at Downtown's Staples Center, but orchestrating concessions for 18,000 is no simple feat.

SoCal's Yogurtland celebrates National Frozen Yogurt Day

Yes, it’s the day where you can eat something that’s mildly better for you than ice cream! Orange County-based froyo chain Yogurtland is offering free frozen yogurt.

How one man tried to slim down big soda from the inside

Public health expert Derek Yach surprised nutrition advocates when he joined PepsiCo and got it to cut salt, sugar and fat from some popular products. But critics say he did more harm than good.

Trader Joe's raises price of Two-Buck Chuck wine (Poll)

What are we going to call the Charles Shaw brand wine now that Trader Joes has increased its price from a reasonable $1.99 to a whopping $2.49?

Annie's frozen pizzas recalled; there might be metal in the dough

Annie's learned that a fine metal mesh screen failed at a third-party flour mill and fragments of flexible metal mesh were found in the flour and pizza dough."

Mexican mole has many flavors, many mothers

The ancient Mexican sauce for meat and poultry, using a mixture of chilies, sweets and nuts, has roots in pre-Columbian times with a strong Spanish influence.

Rubles for time, not coffees, at Russian cafe chain

At most cafes, a customer buys a drink or food to hang out. A Russian entrepreneur wants to change that: At Clockface Cafes, money buys time. Everything else is free.

Beyond calamari: What to do with all that squid

Jumbo Humboldt squid are invading Southern California waters, much to the delight of sportfishing enthusiasts. But what are we to do with all this squid?

Cheap bubbly or sparkling wine for the New Year's Eve toast?

Here are a few things to look for if you're trying to distinguish the age of your bottle of bubbly or the method by which it was made.

Christmas a busy season for tamale-makers

Tamales are a holiday tradition for many Latinos. Some families will make their own. But others turn to "tamaleros," tamale-makers who can churn out hundreds a week.

A flavorless tradition that's oh so sweet

The Polish tradition of sharing the oplatek, or Christmas wafer, dates back hundreds of years to when bread was scarce and exchanging it was a gesture of goodwill.

Clifton's Cafeteria evokes Downtown LA's past and future

As part of our series reflecting on 2012's big stories, Hayley Fox looks back on Clifton's Cafeteria, and a renovation that shines a light on the history and future of Downtown L.A.

'Angel' volunteer chefs cook for the chronically ill

At Project Angel Food, volunteers work alongside a small staff of cooks preparing, packaging, and delivering over 13,000 weekly free meals to those too ill to cook for themselves.