How to feed your family during a longterm blackout

Feeding your family for days on end without electricity can be challenging at best, but it's a situation any American might be forced to face in the wake of a disaster.

It's National Taco Day! Where are the best tacos in LA?

It's National Taco Day, so in honor of our favorite handheld tastebomb, we asked you where the best tacos were in Los Angeles.

Moon cakes are a booming business in LA area

Moon cakes are selling fast in the San Gabriel Valley. Bakery owners say demand rises as the Asian American population grows in Southern California.

Bacon bites back: No shortage, it's a weather and corn problem

A platter of this week's "bacon shortage" pandemonium.

Vegan goes mainstream: what’s behind the seemingly exploding interest in vegan food?

Los Angeles is a city of foodies, but it is also a city full of people who tend to be more image and socially conscious than many American municipalities.

Nobody's bringing home the bacon? Pork shortage possible

The price of European pork could double next year according to Britain's National Pig Assn., an industry trade group predicting "a world shortage of pork and bacon."

LA Foodie dives into the deep-fried LA County Fair

Given the amount of deep fried food on a stick at the LA County Fair, you need the "Eat It" or "Screw It" guide.

626 Night Market expanding to two days, moving to Arcadia

The first event in April was a bigger success than expected and the second attracted 40,000 attendees. The next event in October will be held at Santa Anita.

Hatch chiles heat up California (slideshow)

Chiles from Hatch Valley, NM have a huge following in California. Fans wait all year to buy hot peppers ranging from mild to extra-extra hot. We tried the so-called Double X.

On a quest to roll out the bourbon barrel and fill it with hot sauce

Finding a good-sized, inexpensive barrel, previously used to age bourbon, is not so easy, as a hot sauce maker on the hunt found out.

Tootsie Roll Industries a modern day Willy Wonka Factory?

We take you inside the secret world of Tootsie Roll. Wall Street Journal's Chicago bureau chief Jason Dean tells us about their investigation. Plus, snackologist and comedian Michael Ian Black rates the news.

Watch the poll: Sobering stats on America's drinking habits

According to a new poll, the majority of Americans a) consume alcohol, b) prefer beer, and on average, among the drinkers, deposit c) 4.2 alcoholic beverages into their throats per week.

Peaches, beautiful and fleeting, thanks to fuzzy thin skin

A summer peach is a seasonal treat, but in a few short months a good peach might be hard to find. A peach's thin skin might be partially to blame.

LA restaurant offers discount for dining without your phone (updated)

We check in with Eva restaurant owner Mark Gold, whose policy of offering a 5-percent discount for customers who give up their cell phones went viral last week.

Eat LA on Pop up restaurants, goat meat and pricey lobsters

Eat LA finds out why some pop-up restaurants pop, why LA won’t benefit from the East Coast’s newest bumper crump of lobsters and what makes goat taste so good.

DeBord and Rabe revive the reviled wine spritzer

The white or red wine of your choice - not too spending - some fizz, and some ice, and you've made a delightful summer drink that doesn't deserve its bad name.