Rawesome milk man roughed up, 'arrested' by bounty hunters

James Stewart's capture was captured on video and shows the Rawesome Foods founder being handled by bounty hunters.

The return of the 626 Night Market

The first 626 Night Market in April was a logistical nightmare. But despite all the problems, the city gave organizers a second chance. Josie Huang reports.

LA Restaurants take 'eat local' movement to the next step

LA restaurants have begun keeping their own gardens in house. Reporter Sonata Lee Narcisse visited several restaurants to see what's cooking--and growing.

In-N-Out sells out Singapore in minutes

An In-N-Out pop-up shop in Singapore on Tuesday gave new meaning to the term "fast food" by selling out its inventory of 300 burgers in under 15 minutes.

Chesnut downs 68 dogs for 6th straight Coney Island contest win

The San Jose man known as "Jaws" scarfed down 68 hot dogs and buns to win Wednesday in Brooklyn. He takes home $10,000 and a mustard-yellow champion's belt.

Altadena goes back to basics, opens doors for foodcrafters

On the old Zane Grey estate in Altadena, in an old outbuilding they’ve turned into a kitchen, canning jars line the shelves, homemade cheeses ferment in a glass fridge. There’s a 6-week-old goat named Poppyseed who roams freely. This is the Institute of Domestic Technology.

Are chocolate covered ants and grasshopper tacos the future of food?

Too much of the world struggles with hunger. A warming planet and growing population means that getting everyone the nutrients they need without causing environmental damage will be even more difficult.

Eat LA tries raw meat, finds new ways to make coffee at home

Don't cook that meat! Don't turn on that coffee maker! And whatever you do—do not buy roasted coffee beans ever, ever again.

California dairy farmers split over milk payments in farm bill

California is the top dairy-producing state in the nation. Its dairy farmers are split over the latest farm bill's impact on the government's milk price support.

Dining ethically: A guide for foodies in LA and nationwide

Have you ever considered the ethical implications of what you’re consuming from that restaurant?

Burger King royally pushes it with new 'Bacon Sundae'

Knights, maidens, outlaws and commoners post mixed reactions in the Twitter forest as news of the Burger King "Bacon Sundae" spreads like flame-broiled wildfire.

Four years of Indian street food at Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se

When Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se opened four years ago, the restaurant brought the flavors of India's largest city to Artesia's Little India.

To grow a craft beer business, the secret's in the water

It's a good time to be a craft brewer, as Americans are thirsty for full-flavored and local beers. But when small breweries grow, they can also risk losing some of the "craftiness" their fans love. And when they expand, many brewers have to rewrite their recipes — starting with the water.

Liver let die? Restaurants offer special foie gras menus before July 1 ban

LA restaurants commemorate foie gras' final days in the sun by offering some spectacular tasting menus that you may never get a chance to try again.

Local food blog ignites intense debate on race, immigration

When blogger Daniela Galarza stopped by a soon-to-open restaurant for a sneak peak, she got much more than she bargained for.

Food trucks draw hungry kids for free summer meals

Many kids can't - or won't - come to school for free summer meals. So some administrators are loading lunches on colorful, hip food trucks.