Food trucks draw hungry kids for free summer meals

Many kids can't - or won't - come to school for free summer meals. So some administrators are loading lunches on colorful, hip food trucks.

Hot holiday tips from Food Network's Alton Brown

One cardinal grilling tip to remember this Memorial Day weekend: Flame is bad. Whether you're barbecuing OR grilling, a meat-eater or a vegetarian, some tips to keep flavor from going up in smoke.

Bicycle-powered ice cream maker comes to downtown LA

Edward Belden cranks out creative ice cream flavors on his one-of-a-kind bike, and plans to open a small retail store in Downtown this coming summer.

Silverlake Wine alums open Everson Royce wine store in Pasadena

My Two Sons - Silverlake Wine alums open Everson Royce wine store in Pasadena, named for their two sons. Lots of wine, no chairs.

The truth about recycling pizza boxes

While many pizza boxes come adorned with the universal recycling symbol, they can’t just be tossed in the blue bins on L.A. streets.

Eat what’s in season with new iPhone app

The functional, easy to navigate app allows users to find local farmers markets, and see what exactly is in season in the chosen region at any given time.

Why are baby boomers obsessed with food?

Peter Mehlman, former Seinfeld writer and card-carrying baby boomer, ruminates on the baby boomer generation.

Cage-free advocates have it their way at Burger King

The fast food chain has reiterated a 2007 pledge to buy all its eggs and pork from cage-free suppliers, completing the transition by 2017.

The California Taco Trail: How Mexican food conquered America

Once upon a time, tacos were a Mexican snack. Now they're an All-American institution. Gustavo Arellano leads us across SoCal in search of the American taco.

The Autry National Center hosts a farmers market

After finishing a long hike at Griffith Park, you can head to The Autry National Center, which will host The Autry Farmers Market starting Saturday, April 28.

Eat LA asks: Why are restaurants so noisy?

And so it goes at many LA restaurants and bars. The food’s good, the décor is smashing, but the noise level is on par with Runway 24 at LAX.

For most of human history, being an omnivore was no dilemma

Humans and other primates have been omnivores for some time, which may have given us an evolutionary edge over strictly meat or plant eaters.

Something fishy going on with the sushi labeling in LA

Today's special: sucker fish. A new study points to large-scale mislabeling of seafood in the Los Angeles area, especially sushi.

All hail the spritzer?

Don't think much of bubbly, diluted vino? Well, think again. These simple cocktails are one of the best things about life when summer rolls around.

Revealing the revolting beauty of food waste

One third of food is wasted worldwide, according to the U.N. Photographer Klaus Pichler gives rotten food the glamour treatment to make that point.

It's the time of the season for pink wine

Wine gives way to spring. Spring gives way to summer. And on the wine front, the rich reds of winter are sent back to cellar so we can bring on the pink.