It's the time of the season for pink wine

Wine gives way to spring. Spring gives way to summer. And on the wine front, the rich reds of winter are sent back to cellar so we can bring on the pink.

Grilled Cheese Invitational judge Claudia Peschiutta loves cheese

Gooey and greasy is good: Grilled Cheese Invitational judge Claudia Peschiutta loves cheese, gives hints how to win her vote.

New startups help people connect offline over meals

KPCC's Josie Huang investigates new startups aiming to connect people offline through a shared passion for food.

How Mexican food conquered America

Do you remember when most Americans had never heard of a taco or a burrito?

Is that a crushed bug in your frothy Starbucks drink?

Some vegetarians are distressed that Cochineal -- a red dye made from a crushed insect native to Latin America -- is being used to color food and beverages.

SF hires immigrants as cooking instructors

Culture Kitchen finds cooks who wouldn't be teaching because of a language barrier or lack of formal training.

LA's place at the table

Finalists for the prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards were announced on Monday

Ending the week with some wine and relaxation

When Friday rolls around, there's a simple formula for taking it easy. Enjoy a glass of wine, and maybe two glasses. But don't forget to tweet!

Second annual LA Food & Wine Fest announced

L.A.'s first annual Food and Wine festival was such a smash last year that the four-day feast is coming back — two months early.

'Foodistan' takes India-Pakistan rivalry to the kitchen

The cooking show pits Indian chefs against Pakistani chefs, exploiting the long rivalry between the two countries — something that has rarely been a joking matter.

Pi Day pies! Beause nerds get hungry too (at 1:59 pm)

There are Pi lovers, and then there are pie lovers. Here's a look at what some of your fellow Earthlings did to celebrate their favorite mathematical constant.

Gene Simmons opens restaurant, licks it up in El Segundo

While celebrity restaurants are nothing new in L.A. and theme restaurants are even more of a presence, most people don't think to make the celebrity the theme.

Sushi Nozawa closes its doors after 25 years

The sushi nazi has retired. After 25 years, Kazunori Nozawa of Sushi Nozawa in Studio City served his last albacore sashimi yesterday.

Umami Burger gets crafty with The Back Bar

Umamicatessen, an upscale cafeteria created by the people at Umami Burger, will now include a craft beer and cocktail watering hole. The downtown L.A. space opens this weekend.

Shaving your face with beer waste

While beer’s immense popularity is still primarily based on drinking it, enterprising minds have found an interesting array of uses for the frothy beverage. In the 1970s, Bristol-Myers produced Body On Tap, a beer-enriched shampoo.

Eat-LA on Off-Ramp: The California Homemade Food Act

In the latest episode of Eat-LA on Off-Ramp, backyard breadmaker Mark Stambler, shut down by the County Health Dept, gets help from his friendly neighborhood Assemblyman.