Eat-LA on Off-Ramp: The California Homemade Food Act

In the latest episode of Eat-LA on Off-Ramp, backyard breadmaker Mark Stambler, shut down by the County Health Dept, gets help from his friendly neighborhood Assemblyman.

Slaughter photos highlighted at caterer's tasting room

Hot caterer HeirloomLA opens new tasting room - The Salon - featuring Autumn de Wilde's pig slaughter photos on the wall.

Wine exports to China skyrocket and California reaps the benefits

When China’s Vice President Xi Jinping wraps up his visit to Los Angeles, don’t be surprised if he takes home a few bottles of California Cabernet.

Chocolate-maker Mars to downsize candy bars in 2013

Mars says it's setting a 250-calorie limit for all of its candy bars. That means a regular Snickers bar will lose 30 calories and the king-size bar will be no more.

Corporate restaurants roll out their own LA food trucks

Hundreds of gourmet food trucks call the L.A. streets home, with more revving up all the time. But now the food truck craze has drawn in restaurant chains.

California chef Daniel Patterson on his foraged feasts

Few American chefs take foraging wild foods quite as seriously as Daniel Patterson of Coi restaurant in San Francisco.

This one's for the chicken: A Super Bowl party with purpose

Over the years, Stephen Thompson's Chicken Bowl has grown into a heated battle in its own right, with contests mirroring the thrilling heroics of the Super Bowl.

Beyond black beans and rice: Cuban chefs go modern

A handful of Cuban chefs, including one who recently visited Washington, D.C., are determined to modernize Cuban cuisine.

Philippe's celebrates Groundhog Day by raising coffee price 400%

Philippe's 9-cent coffee will be but a shadow on Feb. 2 when the landmark L.A. French dip depot raises the price of their hot, wet caffeine to a whopping 45 cents on Groundhog Day.

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Mario Batali has a new book

For 15 years Mario Batali has been cooking his unique brand of rustic Italian dishes on the Food Network, but his life in food extends far beyond the airwaves.

Pasadena celebrates Cheeseburger Week

Pasadena, birthplace of "The French Chef" Julia Child and the all-American cheeseburger, is celebrating Cheeseburger Week.

Three Kings Day arrives in LA, meaning big business for Mexican bakeries

Friday marks Three Kings Day for countless Catholic Latinos, and that means it also marks a day of hard selling for countless L.A. bakeries. Mexican panaderias expected to sell thousands of rosca de reyes, traditional cakes that commemorate the day.

Congressman Dreier balances sweets and exercise

The New Year is the time people resolve to diet and exercise more – after they finish off the last of the Christmas cookies. A Southland Congressman is reaching for that balance between what’s good and what’s good for you.

New Year's Eve supper: Carne con papas

A lot of folks celebrate a low-key New Year's Eve at home with friends and family. Looking for a cozy family meal to serve before midnight? We coaxed an old family recipe out of a Southland Congresswoman.

Congressman Costa's New Years morning breakfast

If you’re up early this New Year’s morning, you might be whipping up breakfast for the folks who may have stayed out too late and imbibed too much. One California Congressman has a plan for his family’s morning nosh.

Is there really such a thing as brain food?

There has long been a hope that people in search of a fountain of youth for the brain could look no further than their dinner plate.