Congressman Lungren shares holiday Jell-O recipe

Public radio fans know well the cranberry concoction NPR’s Susan Stamberg tries to coax us to make every Thanksgiving. We found a Capitol Hill version that one Congressman describes as “a delicious complement to holiday meals.” Warning: Jell-O alert.

Local chef brings people together for holiday cooking class

A Southland woman and her daughters-in-law didn't realize that a holiday cooking class would be a lesson in food from the old country and a generational bonding experience.

Congressman McNerney defends bachelor cooking with bizcochitos

Most members of Congress leave their families back home in the district when they’re working on Capitol Hill, and at least one dreams of his wife’s home cooking. It’s the baking that wins Jerry McNerney’s heart.

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's award-winning pecan pie & almond tart recipes

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren’s known on Capitol Hill as a leader on immigration issues, a former chief of the House ethics committee and a leader in the battle over an Internet piracy bill. But Lofgren’s mother is proudest of an achievement in the kitchen.

Charles Phoenix's 5 days of Christmas: Making a tamale model of Walt Disney Concert Hall

For the last episode in his series of uniquely Angeleno holiday observances, Charles Phoenix decided to recreate the Walt Disney Concert Hall out of tamales, with a little help from the folks at Mama's Hot Tamale Café.

Rep. Pete Stark's Christmas Hawaiian barbecue fish recipe

Democrat Pete Stark has represented the East Bay of San Francisco since 1973. He’s served in Congress longer than any other Californian. So where does he spend the holidays?

Good tidings & last minute food guidings from the LA Times test kitchen

Before a recipe for turducken, bacon-maple biscuits or magical honey cakes can grace the pages of the Los Angeles Times it gets tested, tasted, tweaked and re-tested in their spacious test kitchen.

Congresswoman Lois Capps shares Scandinavian recipe

There’s something about the holidays that brings out “the old country” in some members of Congress. Democrat Lois Capps of Santa Barbara celebrates her Scandinavian heritage on Christmas Eve.

Charles Phoenix's 5 days of Christmas: Melting cheese at Big Kid Collectibles

If you're on the guest list for a holiday potluck and you're wondering what to bring, we've got your solution. Performer and culinary daredevil Charles Phoenix has created a dish that's certain to please — Frosty the Cheeseball Snowman.

Congresswoman Judy Chu's holiday recipe for dumplings

Members of Congress are rushing to airports to fly home for the holidays. Before they left, a number of lawmakers wanted to talk about something other than the payroll tax cut: food.

Charles Phoenix's 5 days of Christmas: Making Jell-O at Blooming Gelatin Arts

This year, kitsch aficionado Charles Phoenix decided to make a Christmas tree that would wiggle, jiggle and light up the night. He drummed up the plan five-months-ago, after posting this provocative Facebook status: "Collectively as a society, why have we all turned our backs on Jell-O?"

With Hanukkah microbrews, a taste of Jewish history

Are Jews really the people of the hops? A historian says beer isn't particularly Jewish. But it is a part of Jewish life, and now several microbreweries are reviving the tradition of Jewish beer with seasonal brews to celebrate Hanukkah.

Don't push your (pot)luck

We’ve all seen it: an office’s holiday potluck is being set up and, much to the horror of those who put time and effort into making a homemade casserole, someone waltzes in with a premade lasagna from Ralph’s and nonchalantly drops it on the table. Empirical evidence suggests that events like church fundraisers, school bake sales and end-of-the-year extracurricular ceremonies are being overrun by these store brought items, and that recipes made with tender, love and care are shrinking.

Charles Phoenix's 5 days of Christmas: Launching a Streit's gingerbread house

Many people tackle some tasty interior decorating on a gingerbread house during the holidays. But what do you do with the sugary residence once Christmas is over? This year, reporter Charles Phoenix made his fly.

Eat LA: happy hours, sad customers and 30 sandwiches

A steady diet of sandwiches, LA’s best happy hours, and the greatest Sunset Strip burger joint you’ll never eat at.

Calif. foodies want laws for homemade food sales

Mark Stambler's handcrafted bread was a favorite at Los Angeles specialty food shops until public health officials cracked down on the crusty loaves leavened in his garage and baked in a wood-burning oven in his backyard.