World has new top banana as Chiquita, Fyffes merge

Fruit supply companies Chiquita of the United States and Fyffes of Ireland said Monday they had agreed to merge to create the world's biggest banana supplier.

A theme park for foodies? Italians say Bologna

The Eataly food emporium plans to open a $55 million theme park in Italy, devoted to the nation's culinary pleasures. Some have dubbed it the "Disneyland of food," but Italians aren't impressed.

Chipotle says there's no 'guacapocalypse' looming

Chipotle says that news reports suggesting it could be forced to drop guacamole from the menu are vastly overstated.

Our supercomputer overlord is now running a food truck

IBM's Watson, known for crushing the human competition on "Jeopardy!", is now a sous-chef. It's spitting out novel ingredient combos for human chefs to cook.

Sandwich Monday: The Shamrock Shake

For this week's Sandwich Monday, we try the classic McDonald's seasonal offering: The Shamrock Shake. Does green mean go?

Where to eat Creole and celebrate Mardi Gras in LA

The owners of Harold & Belle's in South LA hail from New Orleans, and the restaurant has been serving traditional Creole food for three generations.

US lets 141 trillion calories of food go to waste each year

Americans wasted 31 percent of all food that was available in 2010, the USDA reports. For the first time, the agency calculated what that means in terms of calories.

The price of pizza in 44 LA neighborhoods

NPR analyzed pizza prices from around the country to answer a simple question: How much does a pizza cost in your neighborhood?

Taco Bell adds the waffle taco to its breakfast menu (Poll)

Taco Bell recently announced their new breakfast menu launching nationwide in March. It includes a morning version of their Crunchwrap, a flatbread with sausage and yes, a waffle taco.

Video: How hot sauces perk up your food and your mood

Sriracha and other spicy condiments make us feel so good, even when they burn so bad. So what's going on in our tongues?

California brewers fear drought could leave bad taste in your beer

In the wake of 2013, Lagunitas' owners say they're nervous about shortages that could mean a switch from the river water to not-as-tasty well water.

Fight over peanut butter pretzels creates a legal jam for Trader Joe's

There's a legal battle over who invented them, who gets to make them for Trader Joe's, and how TJ's own supply chain works.

Nestle recalls some of its Hot Pockets products

Nestle said Tuesday it is voluntarily recalling an unspecified number of "Philly Steak" and "Croissant Crust Philly Steak and Cheese" Hot Pockets products.

Shanghai restaurant makes American versions of Chinese food

A new restaurant in Shanghai is offering expats a taste of home and introducing locals to foreign treats like fortune cookies.

Valentine's Day: Crowdsourced non-icky date options

Where to go for dinner with your lover that doesn't make you part of the Valentine's Industry.

Chef Jamie Oliver's mobile kitchen brings cooking to Sacramento high school

British chef Jamie Oliver's Big Rig — a traveling teaching kitchen now touring the state — roared onto the campus of Sacramento Charter High School for a three-week stint of cooking.