Chef Jamie Oliver's mobile kitchen brings cooking to Sacramento high school

British chef Jamie Oliver's Big Rig — a traveling teaching kitchen now touring the state — roared onto the campus of Sacramento Charter High School for a three-week stint of cooking.

Marijuana-laced treats leave Colorado jonesing for food-safety rules

Foods infused with THC are already for sale in Colorado. The federal government still considers pot illegal, so the state has to create from scratch its own system to regulate these foods.

Super Bowl XLVIII: A game day potluck recipe with a twist

Don't be that guy or gal who brings a boring old bag of chips. Why not take a little time and show up with something unexpected and delicious?

Super Bowl XLVIII: Guelaguetza's Bricia Lopez on guacamole done right

You've probably heard by now that Superbowl weekend is high season for the avocado — the closest thing California has to an official state food. Here's two guacamole recipes from Guelaguetza's Bricia Lopez.

Mama Lu's Dumpling House works overtime to meet Lunar New Year demand

It's the start of lunar New Year today and in Asian homes all over the world people gather together and eat to celebrate the coming year with family, friends and a table full of food. Reporter Sasa Woodruff stopped by a popular dumpling restaurant in Monterey Park to see what might be served up.

Cooking With Conifers: An evergreen trick that's newly hip

American chefs from coast to coast are using evergreens to develop unique flavors in dishes from white fir and sorrel broth to pine needle vinegar to smoked mussels.

Diet Soda: Fewer calories in the glass may mean more on the plate

The latest sign that artificially sweetened, no-calorie drinks may not be helping in the battle of the bulge? Heavier-set people who choose diet beverages are making up the calorie gap at meal and snack times, researchers report.

Where's the best place for healthy eating?

Researchers ranked countries in terms of how easy it is to get a balanced, nutritious diet. The U.S. didn't even make the top 20.

It's National Hot Pastrami Day in LA: Where will you eat?

National Pastrami Day brings the piled-high crowd to the city's pastrami outpost, Langer's. But there's deli to discover beyond MacArthur Park.

Calif. company recalls 40,000 lbs of meat

The items were recalled because without the full federal inspection, they are considered unfit for human consumption.

New rule requires sushi chefs to wear gloves. Do you approve?

The California Retail Food Code now bans restaurant workers from handling ready-to-eat food with bare hands. This includes sushi chefs and deli workers. Do you approve?

Is sugar addiction why so many January diets fail?

Over the last few years, scientists who study the way food influences our brains and bodies have been moving toward a consensus that sugar is addictive. Here are their tips on how to conquer cravings for one of nature's most pleasurable substances.

Tips on how to cook and bake with cannabis

Most marijuana dispensaries carry plenty of edible marijuana products, from sodas and truffles to ice cream and honey. But what if you want to whip up your own treats with pot?

Foster Farms California poultry plant closed due to cockroaches

The closure by the USDA comes during a time of scrutiny for Foster Farms after two salmonella outbreaks that have affected several hundred people in the past year.

Cheesy shortage: Kraft says Velveeta running low

A company representative noted that the lack of availability is more noticeable because of the seasonal demand during the NFL playoffs.

LAX’s Encounter restaurant closed

The airport structure with a space age look was built in 1961 and Encounter restaurant opened in 1997.