The 5-plus best Korean restaurants in LA

Koreatown native Matthew Kang has put together the official list of the best Korean restaurants in L.A. and share it with Take Two.

New Year's Eve 2013: 7 cocktail recipes to make at home

We reached out to some of our favorite boozing buddies for creative cocktail recipes. From fancy to fruity, here's a list of drinks to make at home this NYE.

Cooking in a Latin-Jewish melting pot

Jewish families who emigrated from Europe to Latin America around World War II wove local flavors into traditional recipes — that means breading Argentine milanesa with matzo meal.

Hair Dryer Cooking: From s'mores to crispy duck

A beauty product in the kitchen? Cooking gurus have been advocating this secret weapon since the 1970s to achieve crispy duck skin that will blow them away (sorry!).

How to build an indestructible gingerbread house

With this house designed by civil engineers, gingerbread families everywhere can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about their roofs caving in.

Flying this holiday? A few tips to survive airline food

It's not just lack of quality or freshness that can put a damper on your in-flight meal: Our senses are scrambled at high altitudes. Those sweet and salty sensors might be off as much as 30 percent while in flight.

Want a date? Learn to make classic cocktails!

John Rabe takes the Crawford Family Forum on the road and learns lessons about the classic cocktail trend (it came late to LA) and how to make a really good Martini.

Geeky gamers feast upon settlers of Catan cookbook

With deconstructed salads and nachos that go in hexagonal bowls, cookbook author Chris-Rachel Oseland says that the recipes are perfect for die-hard players with dietary restrictions.

Dee Dee's Dive replaces The Bucket, Eagle Rock's venerable greasy burger joint

The Bucket, the burger joint that graced, or greased, Eagle Rock since 1935, was shuttered this year, but rises again as Dee Dee's Dive.

Food companies remove ingredients amid criticism

Starbucks and PepsiCo are among companies that have removed unfamiliar ingredients from products.

Santa Monica's Omelette Parlor to close after more than 30 years

The Santa Monica Omelette Parlor closes tomorrow after some 35-years in business. Judge James Hahn is one of the last customers.

Don't panic: 5 Sriracha alternatives that should already be in your fridge

It's true, Sriracha might vanish from our shelves for a little while. But the world offers thousands of great hot sauces. Many of them that are better than Sriracha.

LAX Proud Bird restaurant to remain open for now

The steak and seafood spot where diners can ogle vintage planes on the front lawn was set to close at the end of 2013 due to a rent increase.

Cakebarring: Looking for love in LA, with cake

Like lots of people, Audrey Shulman had trouble finding a date, but unlike lots of people, her solution involved cake. Sitting in bars with cake, in fact. For one year, Audrey baked 50 cakes, gave each one away at a different bar, and wrote a blog about it. She called it cakebarring and Take Two's Lauren Osen went along on one adventurous night.

Sriracha maker told to hold its sauce for 30 days

Health officials say bottles of the popular condiment shouldn't be shipped right away so micro-organisms inside can be controlled. Will this lead to a "srirachapocalypse?"

Sriracha documentary premieres online Wednesday night

The documentary premieres on the same day that Huy Fong Foods founder announced that his company will halt shipments of his popular hot sauce until mid-January.