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LA Planned Parenthood clinics boost security after CO shooting

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FDA Issues long-awaited food safety rules

The Food and Drug Administration's regulations contain some compromises and cover farmers who grow fresh produce, as well as importers. The agency has been working on the rules for five years.

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More babies are dying because of congenital syphilis

Many pregnant women aren't getting adequate health care, so they aren't being tested for syphilis. It it can kill or seriously disable babies. The 458 cases last year could have been prevented.

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10 percent of older people have been victims of abuse

Elder abuse is underestimated, researchers say, and includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as financial exploitation. Doctors, lawyers or banks are often the first to spot problems.

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Why eating out alone doesn't have to be lonely

More Americans are eating alone — at restaurants and at home. Writer Simran Sethi argues in a new book that eating alone can be a courageous act that deepens appreciation of food and place.

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