LA public health chief apologizes for not disclosing meningitis deaths

Dr. Jonathan Fielding said the news was left out of a press release urging gay men to get vaccinated because he did not consider it critical information.

Health care bill helps add 3 million to Medicaid

Many were newly eligible because of the law's Medicaid expansion, while others already eligible but not yet enrolled came forward due to publicity around the law and its requirement for individuals to carry insurance or risk paying a fine.

Shooting unfairly links violence with mental illness

The vast majority of people, including soldiers, with PTSD, depression or other mental illness are not violent. Psychiatrists doubt the latest shooting at Fort Hood could have been predicted.

3 people have died of meningitis in LA County this year

Three L.A.-area men who contracted meningitis died in February and March, the L.A. County Department of Public Health reported Thursday.

Growing evidence 'Special K' can help severe depression

Commonly used antidepressants don't work for many people. That's why scientists are experimenting with ketamine, a hallucinogenic club drug called Special K.

What to do when health care isn't enough

We are beginning to see health care’s first, hesitant steps, where doctors and hospitals wade into the world of social services.

More than 500,000 Californians still signing up for health insurance

Those who started their applications before midnight on March 31st have until April 15th to finish enrolling. In addition, Latino enrollment jumped in March.

Nearly half of Californians who used exchange may drop coverage

Over the next year, many of the more than 1.2 million people who used the Covered California exchange to buy health insurance are expected to switch to job-based plans or Medicaid.

Run when you're 25 for a sharper brain when you're 45

Here's the latest bit of evidence that exercise keeps the brain fit. Much of the research has been in older people, but this study found that being fit in your 20s makes you sharper in middle age.

8 meningitis diagnoses in Los Angeles County

The infection can cause brain damage, hearing loss or potentially death.

Is it time to reconsider breast self-exams?

A risque campaign that aims to boost self-exams for breast cancer has reignited a debate about whether they prevent cancer deaths. One doctor says it's time to change how women look for lumps.

Rick and Kay Warren try to improve church attitudes about mental illness

The suicide of their son motivated the Warrens to launch their effort. It began with a conference at their Saddleback Church on March 28th.

LA County grapples with health care plan for those in the US illegally

The county plans to spend $56 million a year on a managed care-type program. Immigrant advocates want the county to double the funding.

Do Girl Scout cookies still make the world a better place?

Obesity docs say it's time for the Girl Scouts to ditch the processed, sugary cookies and find another way to raise money.

People who are still uninsured may turn to community clinics

Federally funded health clinics serve all comers, and people pay fees based on a sliding scale. That's one option for people who didn't sign up for health insurance.

Last-minute enrollment rush forces Covered California rule change

Covered California's chief says the website has had about 80,000 unique visitors per hour Monday, and that number could reach 1 million by midnight.