Everybody has a price: Why this 'invincible' chose insurance

Warnings about red tape, long waits, and multiple visits to sign up for Medicaid didn't scare Brad Stevens half as much as the alternative — paying $2,500 out-of-pocket to see a thyroid specialist.

What a small town's teen pregnancy turnaround can teach the US

Denmark, S.C., once had one of the state's highest teen pregnancy rates, but in the last 30 years, sex education programs have helped lower that rate to one of the state's lowest.

Latinos wary of all-out push to sign up for Affordable Care Act

Latinos are the most uninsured group in the country, but they're newly leery of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act.

California has 13 more measles cases, bringing 2014 total to 49

At least 16 of the measles victims were intentionally unvaccinated. California allows parents to opt out of vaccinating their children.

Obamacare's national enrollment looks OK, but states matter more

Though the health insurance law is federal, we're not exactly all in this together. Each state runs its own insurance market and pools, so a big turnout of the healthy in New York won't help Texas.

Latinos still reluctant to sign up for Obamacare

In states like California, it's up to trusted members of the Latino community to sign up enrollees, but political wrangling is delaying them.

Marathon training lowers heart disease risk in middle-aged men

Marathons are increasingly popular with recreational runners, but do they benefit from the intense training? Researchers in Boston say yes.

California sees 'significant' decrease in some hospital infections

California hospitals have reduced infections caused by incorrect insertion of central lines and catheters for urinary tract infections.

Health care enrollment deadline remains for Californians

The extension would so far not apply to California, where the state's health care exchange said it will not follow the federal government's lead.

In California, Asian-Americans flock to health coverage

California has signed up over one million people on its insurance exchange. Asian-Americans represent a high percentage of sign-ups, but some groups have proved hard to reach.

Quiz: See how much you know about Obamacare

The deadline for signing up is coming. We've got a quiz to see if you understand the elements of your own health insurance and the federal law.

Tuberculosis roars back with a deadly edge

PBS's "Frontline" travels to the epicenter of a rising epidemic: drug-resistant tuberculosis that's costly and tough to treat.

Being uninsured versus underinsured

Nearly 32 million people were underinsured in 2012, meaning they had insurance but that it wasn't robust enough to protect them from major medical costs, according to the Commonwealth Fund.

Ask Emily: Last Chance—the Obamacare deadline is here

March 31 marks the end of Obamacare’s inaugural open-enrollment period and your last chance to sign up for a health plan through Covered California or the private market.

Women and alcohol: Health risks are greater than for men

Women who drink face a higher risk of developing liver disease than men, and at a younger age. Drinking also increases a woman's chances of getting breast cancer.

When mothers get moving, children are more active, too

A child's activity level may be linked to how active busy moms are. Researchers say small changes can get both parties moving.