Final call for questions on health insurance as deadline looms

There is just one week left to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. As people race to meet the deadline, they still have questions about the law, and the sign-up process.

Guinea says 59 people have died in Ebola outbreak

This marks the first time an outbreak of the virus among humans has been detected in the country.

UC hospital strike averted by contract deal (Updated)

Union officials say a planned strike by thousands of University of California hospital workers has been averted after contract talks yielded a deal.

Don't birth that baby in a tub, doctors say; Midwives disagree

Women can give birth in water at a growing number of hospitals, but the nation's pediatricians and obstetricians say there's not enough proof that it's safe.

4 more California measles cases; 4 intentionally unvaccinated

In at least three California counties, the measles outbreak has been linked with exposure to people who contracted the disease abroad.

Affordable Care Act: Deadline looms amidst call center delays

Little more than a week remains until the deadline to sign up for health insurance. LA Times reporter Chad Terhune talks about sign-ups and the implications of the last-minute rush.

Flu claims 10 more lives in California, but flu season is tapering off

State health officials say the number of flu-related deaths this season has reached 342.

Exercise cuts breast cancer risk for all women everywhere

Evidence has long suggested that exercise may help prevent breast cancer. After looking at cancer risk in 4 million women, French researchers concluded any type of exercise is beneficial.

Blood tests for Exide neighbors still more than 2 weeks off

Los Angeles County was supposed to offer free tests by last fall. A county official says planning took much longer than expected.

14 of California's 32 measles cases intentionally unvaccinated

Public health officials say the anti-vaccination movement could spark a resurgence of the respiratory disease.

Doctors use 3-D printing to help a baby breathe

Garrett Peterson was born with a defective windpipe. Using a 3-D printer, a doctor and a biomedical engineer created a device that will temporarily help him breathe.

When loved ones go missing, ambiguity can hold grief captive

As families of those on the missing jetliner struggle to get answers, one grief counselor says moving forward requires accepting the unknown.

Gay couples entitled to equal family health coverage, feds say

Insurers must give spouses in same-sex marriages identical coverage offered to those in traditional marriages, the government says. The rule applies to all married couples.

Burn center founder Dr. A. Grossman dies at 81

Dr. A. Richard Grossman, a plastic surgeon who founded an internationally-known burn-treatment center in Los Angeles, has died. He was 81.

Surge in measles cases continues: California now has 32 in 2014

Measles was technically eliminated in the US in 2000, but people who travel abroad can still contract and spread the disease - as can those who do not get vaccinated.

Flu claims additional 14 Californians' lives

The pace of flu-related deaths is declining. Health officials say it's not too late to get a flu shot.