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It's still hard to get birth control pills in California without a prescription

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When the cost of care triggers a medical deportation

Hospitals are legally obligated to find suitable places to discharge patients, but their insurance status makes all the difference. Things get complicated if people have entered the country illegally.

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Security flaws found in Covered California website

Covered California's director said there have been no successful breaches of website security but that personal information may have been exposed in a few instances because of human error or other mistakes.

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Dental safety net leaves most people sore

Millions of children and adults are eligible for subsidized dental care in California. But many families can't find a dentist who participates in the underfunded program.

Insulin cost shoots up

The cost tripled from 2002 to 2013. A month's supply can cost $600 to $900, a steep price for diabetics paying out-of-pocket.

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For new parents, dad may be the one missing the most sleep

New moms get a lot of sympathy over lack of sleep, but studies find that dads may be hurting more, a new book on the science of parenting says. Bottom line: Both parents need help getting shuteye.

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IRS could help find uninsured people, but doesn't

Many low-income households that claim the earned income tax credit lack health insurance. That status on tax returns could provide a clue about people who would benefit from outreach.

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