Art therapy that helps cancer patients cope with illness

The creative therapy of drawing and painting brings unconscious feelings to the surface and relieves stress of cancer patients.

FAQ: Everything you need to know about the hantavirus outbreak

Got questions about the Yosemite outbreak? We have answers! From public health officials and park authorities.

As outbreak spreads, Hantavirus survivor tells his story

A Martínez speaks to Marketplace's Ethan Lindsey, who suffered from the virus two years ago. He spent two days in a medically induced coma.

Stem cell treatment may help paralyzed regain sensation

Two clinical trial patients, paralyzed with chronic spinal cord injuries, have regained some sensation after undergoing stem cell treatments.

3rd Hantavirus death tied to Yosemite stay

Health officials say a West Virginia resident has died from the outbreak of a rodent-borne illness linked to Yosemite National Park.

Disabled surfer goes from wheelchair to waves

Even though Tiffany Giddes ended up in a wheelchair after a car wreck, she hasn’t let her disability keep her from the sport she loves.

Organic food study finds no nutritional superiority

The hot potato issue cooked up a small bounty of backlash with some organic advocates speaking up for the scientifically scandalized vegetables of the world.

How telemedicine works in urban South LA

Telemedicine's rapid growth in urban communities is one innovative way providers are expanding access to health care.

More than 14 million unaware of their hypertension: CDC

A new report from the federal health agency says more than 35 million Americans don't have their hypertension under control.

Hantavirus keeps many away from Yosemite

The crowds are smaller at Yosemite National Park this Labor Day weekend, as some people cancelled their plans to visit because of the Hantavirus outbreak there.

LA vegan attempts to change In-N-Out's unchanged menu

An online petition to add a vegan veggie burger to the iconic chain's 60-year-old menu has received over 2,800 signatures in just ten days.

Specialty care in the safety net: Still a challenge

Researchers looked at six ways of providing community clinic patients with specialty care and tried to determine which one was best.

Fast food joints: Looking to cut calories? Try soft jazz

A new study says a restaurant's atmosphere can affect customer's caloric intake – the nicer it is, the less they'll eat and more they'll enjoy themselves.

CA issues penalties to 14 hospitals, half in SoCal

State health officials issued penalties against 14 California hospitals for failure to comply with requirements, leading to patient injuries and deaths.

Yosemite visitors warned of hantavirus outbreak

The National Park Service sent out thousands of letters to health providers this Wednesday, warning them of a possible Hantavirus outbreak.

Cluster of Hantavirus cases worry park service, CDC

A public health crisis has begun to spread out of Yosemite National Park, where four visitors were infected with the little-known Hantavirus earlier this month.