California AG sues doctor over aggressive billing tactics

The California AG's office is suing an L.A. County doctor for refusing to accept lower insurance company reimbursements, instead billing patients for the full amount.

Male birth control pill gets closer to the medicine cabinet

Male birth control pill researchers say they've found a drug that's man enough to possibly mingle with medicine cabinets someday.

How should LA enforce mandatory condom use in porn?

A working group in L.A.’s City Administrative Office has issued recommendations on how the city should enforce the mandatory use of condoms in adult films.

Young painkiller addicts switch to heroin; overdose rates rise

As the street price of powerful pain pills like Oxycontin has soared, many teens and young adults are turning to another narcotic to get a cheap high, heroin.

2 Californians contract deadly hantavirus, 1 dies

A Southland woman and a Bay-area man have become the most recent Californians to contract Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).

Domestic violence screenings don't work, says study

Women who were screened didn't see an improvement in health or safety, according to researchers.

Bill may create new health insurance plan for low income Californians

Sacramento lawmakers will get their first crack Thursday at a bill that would create a new health insurance program for low income Californians.

Feds ask clinics for patient data, spur some hesitation

Community clinics think reporting patients' occupation to the government is a good idea, but want to make sure that data doesn't get into the wrong hands.

STD rates climb in California; syphilis jumps the most

New data reported by the state Department of Public Health show an 18 percent rise in syphilis cases in 2011, leaving health officials concerned.

ECT success after family's fight against bipolar disorder

A psychiatrist's use of electroconvulsive therapy came as a huge surprise to a mother whose daughter was bipolar: "I honestly did not know people still did ECT."

How a virus in snakes could offer clues to Ebola in humans

A newly discovered disease that makes boa constrictors sick could help researchers figure out how some dangerous viruses in animals end up infecting people.

Meditation helps older adults battle loneliness and illness

A new study shows repeat meditation exercises could measurably reduce gene inflammation and loneliness in the elderly.

Hospitals face penalties for high readmission rates

A new effort under the Affordable Care Act wants to penalize hospitals with high readmission rates of Medicare beneficiaries.

RIP Jamie Garcia, a health hero in Pomona

Remembering Jamie Garcia, founder of Pomona Community Health Center and 2010 California Woman of the Year, who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 52 on July 27.

School lunch milk cartons take a hit in new ad campaign

One group's mission is to abolish dairy from school lunches: they blame milk and cheese for bloating students' caloric consumption and their waistlines.

Kinesio tape plasters Olympians, but not all science sticks

Kinesio tape, said to ease pain and help muscle injuries, is all over the Games. Some say it's good for recovery and performance, but research doesn't always agree.