Selling health care to Calif.'s Spanish speakers got lost in translation

Certain sales strategies work great with American Latinos. California's insurance exchange didn't try any of them when advertising coverage with the Affordable Care Act.

State senator sues Covered California over canceled policies

State Senator Ted Gaines — who is running for insurance commissioner — says Covered California broke the law.

Survey highlights stores' marketing of tobacco and alcohol to kids

A statewide survey finds that 7 out of 10 stores have outdoor advertising for alcohol, tobacco products, and junk food. A number are near schools.

Doctors hope for cure in LA baby with HIV

A girl born with HIV in suburban Los Angeles last April may have completely cleared the virus, which would make her the second baby to be cured by very early treatment.

Cities take the lead in regulating electronic cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration is still figuring out what to do about electronic cigarettes. But to reduce the odds kids will get hooked on nicotine, some cities are moving to restrict them.

Study: Too much meat and cheese may be as harmful as smoking

The USC study found that adults 50-65 who consume high amounts of animal protein are four times more likely to die from cancer compared with those who eat less.

Health law provides no guarantees of access to birthing centers

Over 15,000 births have taken place at birthing centers, and the number is growing. But there are no coverage guarantees despite provisions that prohibit discrimination against health care providers.

LA County closed nursing-home safety cases without investigations

State and federal officials are investigating the so-called "Complaint Workload Clean-Up Project," which the county has discontinued.

Early baby deliveries plummet in US, California

Hospitals responding to a private group's survey report significant drops in their rates of early deliveries between 2010 and 2013.

With death penalty, how should states define mental disability?

In 2002, the Supreme Court banned the execution of the "mentally retarded." Monday the court is looking at the case of a convicted man who says Florida's definition of mental disability is too strict.

E-cigarette critics worry new ads will make 'vaping' cool for kids

As electronic cigarette companies get bold with advertising, anti-smoking groups fear the ads will lure teens and get them hooked on nicotine.

Evidence on marijuana's health effects is hazy at best

States are legalizing marijuana even though there's no clear understanding of its impact on health. The drug hasn't been subjected to the kind of rigorous medical research that would find that out.

Why do black infants die so much more often than white infants?

The elevated rate of infant mortality for black babies has been well documented but poorly understood. Researchers are developing new theories.

Flu season slowing, 302 dead so far this season

The flu epidemic appears to be slowing down, but health officials say Californians should not let their guard down just yet. The powerful H1N1 virus has fueled this flu season and it is a tricky strain.

A strong sex life helps couples cope with the trials of aging

Everybody knows a healthy sex life is important for a good marriage. But keeping the spark in the bedroom may be even more crucial for older couples dealing with chronic illness.

Stethoscopes do as much dirty work as hands in spreading germs

Doctors are supposed to wash their hands before touching a patient. But that stethoscope draped around the doctor's neck may be loaded with bacteria, too.