E-cigarette critics worry new ads will make 'vaping' cool for kids

As electronic cigarette companies get bold with advertising, anti-smoking groups fear the ads will lure teens and get them hooked on nicotine.

Evidence on marijuana's health effects is hazy at best

States are legalizing marijuana even though there's no clear understanding of its impact on health. The drug hasn't been subjected to the kind of rigorous medical research that would find that out.

Why do black infants die so much more often than white infants?

The elevated rate of infant mortality for black babies has been well documented but poorly understood. Researchers are developing new theories.

Flu season slowing, 302 dead so far this season

The flu epidemic appears to be slowing down, but health officials say Californians should not let their guard down just yet. The powerful H1N1 virus has fueled this flu season and it is a tricky strain.

A strong sex life helps couples cope with the trials of aging

Everybody knows a healthy sex life is important for a good marriage. But keeping the spark in the bedroom may be even more crucial for older couples dealing with chronic illness.

Stethoscopes do as much dirty work as hands in spreading germs

Doctors are supposed to wash their hands before touching a patient. But that stethoscope draped around the doctor's neck may be loaded with bacteria, too.

First look: The FDA's nutrition label gets a makeover

The FDA has released its mock-up of a proposed new label for food. What changed? Calorie counts go big and bold, listing calories from fat is out, and more details on added sugars.

Measles cases have health officials worried about vaccine refusers

The anti-vaccination movement is still relatively small, and it is not growing rapidly. But it still worries health officials.

Doctors' offices put on hold trying to find out who's insured

Verifying that a patient has paid for coverage under the Affordable Care Act can take hours. But if doctors' offices don't check, they can get stuck with the bill.

Overlooked virus may be cause of paralyzing disease in California

Doctors have diagnosed a handful of children with a polio-like disease that can paralyze an arm or a leg. At least five children have been paralyzed by the disease.

Rick Warren acts on mental health in son's death

A year after his son's suicide, popular evangelical pastor Rick Warren is taking on a new mental health ministry inspired by his personal tragedy.

National study takes pulse of Latino health

Initial findings from a major study were released today by the National Institutes of Health. Among other things, the study details how some illnesses and risk factors play out among different national-origin groups.

Bill introduced to undo California's 'glove law' for food preparers

The Assembly health committee chair says the new law has not worked out as planned, and it's time to 're-set the conversation' about food safety.

Covered California: Enrollment portal working again

The state's health insurance marketplace took the portal down last Wednesday to fix suspected software glitches that were ending applicants' sessions prematurely.

Why pediatricians want to check 9-year-olds' cholesterol

The annual well-child visit should be about a lot more than getting shots, doctors say. New guidelines for checkups include screening tools for depression and substance abuse starting at age 11.

Measles cases surge in California

The state reports 15 cases so far this year, compared with two at this time last year. At least seven of the victims were intentionally not vaccinated.