Why pediatricians want to check 9-year-olds' cholesterol

The annual well-child visit should be about a lot more than getting shots, doctors say. New guidelines for checkups include screening tools for depression and substance abuse starting at age 11.

Measles cases surge in California

The state reports 15 cases so far this year, compared with two at this time last year. At least seven of the victims were intentionally not vaccinated.

Another 35 flu deaths reported in California

The rate of deaths is dropping, bolstering state officials' belief that the epidemic is winding down.

Ads focused on a few drug risks might make them memorable

The FDA says the long list of side effects read rapidly at the end of pharmaceutical ads may be too much for people to grasp.

Flu strikes young adults hard; latest SoCal victim to die was pregnant woman

The latest victim to die n Southern California is a South Bay woman who was pregnant, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

LA artists bring health messages to Metro buses

The short videos by six local artists offer their takes on obesity, mental health, lead, and more.They will air on Metro buses through March.

Glitches force Covered California to take enrollment portal offline

The portal was taken down Wednesday afternoon after intermittent errors cropped up on the enrollment pages, ending user sessions during the application process.

Online doctor ratings about as useful as those for restaurants

Online ratings are becoming part of how many Americans shop for a physician, according to a study in the latest issue of JAMA.

Covered California: Latino enrollment jumps in January

Covered California officials say 28 percent of those who signed up in January were Latino; the percentage was under 20 percent for the previous three months.

Parents and teens aren't up to speed on HPV risks, doctors say

Only one third of teenage girls have gotten the recommended three shots of HPV vaccine to protect against cervical cancer. Doctors are trying to figure out what will get them in the door.

Candy flavors put e-cigarettes on kids' menu

Electronic cigarettes are often billed as safe and helpful for adult smokers trying to kick their habit. But the CDC says 1 in 5 young teens who try an e-cigarette have never smoked tobacco.

Pharmacists increasingly take on clinical roles

Pharmacists are increasingly working with doctors to assess patients, spot medication errors and even write prescriptions.

Research shows new flu viruses often arise in domestic animals

Scientists have apparently been wrong about where new flu viruses come from, and they've underestimated the viruses' connection to horses.

Covered California hosts enrollment workshops at LA libraries

With a looming deadline to get signed up for health insurance, officials host a number of enrollment events to encourage more participation in Covered California

Lara introduces health care bill for undocumented immigrants

State Senator Ricardo Lara says he still does not know how his bill would be funded, or how much it would cost taxpayers.

Flu deaths are up again, but the pace is slowing

Flu deaths rose in California again for the week ending Feb. 7, but health experts are increasingly confident that the epidemic peaked about a month ago.