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ACLU finds majority of immigrant detainees eligible for release

Of more than 1,600 LA-area immigrants detained six months or longer, more than two-thirds were found eligible for release on bond following a hearing.

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According to an ACLU report, many immigrants detained in the Los Angeles area were deemed eligible for bond once they received a hearing. This and more.

Before Koreatown: The origins of Korean migration to LA

Koreatown made its name as an ethnic enclave in Los Angeles during the 1970's; but Korean immigrants began arriving in the city much earlier.

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A new poll finds immigration to be a 'threshold issue' for most Latino voters. This and more.

LA millennials: Bilingual, for the most part

Nearly 58 percent of millennials in metropolitan L.A. speak a language other than English, latest Census numbers show.

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Some conservative lawmakers hope to defund President Obama's immigration plan sooner rather than later by making it part of the current budget battle. This and more.

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Immigrants without legal status can now make appointments to apply for a special California driver's license under AB 60, the new state law that takes effect in January.

Who doesn't benefit from Obama's immigration plan?

Roughly 5.8 million immigrants won't benefit from executive action, according to a new report. They include relative newcomers, singles, and those without U.S.-born children.

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Newly released data now shows immigrants from India as making up the largest number of unauthorized immigrants from Asia, ahead of immigrants from China and the Philippines.

'The Banh Mi Handbook': A guide to a Viet-French sandwich

Food writer Andrea Nguyen dives into the story of banh mi, a Vietnamese street sandwich with a French colonial past that's been popping up on menus around the country.

A 'dreamer' with parents still in the shadows

Many immigrants are thankful for Obama's recent executive action that could save millions of young people from deportation. But some still worry their parents could be deported.

Immigation reform: Waits for family visas drag on

The backlog of people waiting to come to the U.S. to reunite with relatives on family visas disproportionately affects Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Immigration reform: Mexican consulate in LA braces for surge

Consul General Carlos Sada said he wants to add 20 to 30 employees to help Mexican nationals compile the documents they need for protection from deportation.

Immigration: Deportation action a relief to some, but many won't qualify

With new immigration rules announced, some who entered the country illegally are overjoyed — others weren't so lucky.

Immigration reform: Obama to sign executive order; Republicans won't 'stand idle'

A day after announcing he would act to shield millions of immigrants from deportation, President Obama was in Las Vegas to sign the order Friday.

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President Obama's immigration plan touches on almost every aspect of the immigration system, from deportation relief for millions to border security and the immigration courts. This and more.