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Broken promises displayed at Native American treaties exhibit

A rare exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian explores the history of treaties between Native American nations and the U.S.

In immigration news: Mexican birth certificates available in US, states' anti-executive action lawsuit gets hearing, more

Mexican nationals in the US will now be able to obtain copies of their birth certificates at their consulates, without having to leave the country. This and more.

Mexican consulates now providing birth certificates to immigrants

A database containing the information of Mexican nationals will allow consulates in the US to access and print the document in about 10 minutes.

In immigration news: White House criticizes House vote, LA-area immigrants eligible for relief, Mexican consulates to issue birth certificates, more

An estimated 466,000 LA County residents could be eligible for immigration relief under President Barack Obama's executive order, most of them as the parents of US citizens and legal residents. This and more.

Executive action: 466,000 in LA County could qualify; most are parents

An estimated 466,000 immigrants in L.A. County could be eligible for relief under Obama's executive order. Most are the parents of U.S. citizens and legal residents.

FAQ: Application time approaches for deportation protections

When does it go into effect? What's changing? How does it affect me? As SoCal prepares to implement the executive action on immigration, find answers here.

Mozart with a twist: LA Opera tackles immigration issues with ¡Figaro! (90210)

The company's modern adaptation of Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' spotlights a Mexican handyman working on a Beverly Hills estate.

In immigration news: Executive action fight in House, immigrants and Medi-Cal, protests in Europe, more

Will immigrants who benefit from executive action also be able to receive Medi-Cal in California? The proposed state budget only says they could potentially qualify. This and more.

New immigration protections might include Medi-Cal access

The proposed Calif. budget says immigrants who qualify for deportation protection "potentially" qualify for Medi-Cal. The lack of clarity has aggravated immigrant advocates.

In immigration news: Homeland Security funding fight, how terror attacks affect US immigration debate, NYC municipal ID cards, more

An effort by House GOP lawmakers to use Homeland Security funding as leverage to counter President Obama's executive action plan seems unlikely to get much traction. This and more.

In immigration news: Homeland Security funding, state laws, more

House GOP lawmakers are planning a bill that would fund most of Homeland Security, after threatening to withhold funding in a fight over President Obama's executive action. This and more.

LA labor coalition joins the fight against El Super grocery chain

The LA County Federation of Labor added support from more than 300 unions to a boycott of the Mexican-owned grocery chain. But it may be tough to win over shoppers.

In immigration news: Border drones, GOP immigration strategy, H-4 visa holders hoping to work, more

According to Homeland Security's Inspector General, the expensive drones used to patrol the US-Mexico border by air don't do much to justify their cost. This and more.

Spouses of high-skilled visa holders look forward to getting their own jobs

The spouses of high-skilled workers on H-1B visas have been barred from working until now, although many are well-educated and skilled themselves.

Used car dealers hope for a boost from new immigrant drivers

Now that immigrants without legal status can apply for California driver's licenses, used car dealers are hoping it will boost local sales.

In immigration news: House GOP tries to stop executive action, Rubio's book, drug lords, more

House GOP work to halt executive action. Rubio appeals to conservatives on immigration. California immigrant drivers fail written test at slightly higher rate than state average.