Immigration & Emerging Communities

In immigration news: Executive order in question, license lawsuit, Latino voters

White House admits executive order might be delayed. Fight in Nebraska over granting driver's licenses to DACA recipients. Presidential prospects court Latino voters.

Glendale's monument to comfort women comes under attack — again

Opponents of the monument to comfort women are appealing a federal judge's decision to dismiss an earlier suit, and have filed a new suit over the statue's plaque.

UC Dreamers to get more financial aid, advisers this fall

Some 2,000 'Dreamers' enrolled at UC schools will find added resources, including more financial aid, advisers and services.

Coachella Valley High School retires divisive Arab mascot

The bearded, snarling mascot with a large hooked nose who wears a head scarf did not appear at Coachella Valley High School's season opening football game on Friday.

Texas voter ID law goes to trial

A federal court will hear a challenge to the Texas voter ID law next week. It's an important and closely-watched voting rights case that could end up in the Supreme Court.

Mexico operations thwart child, family migrants

Fewer Central American migrants are entering the U.S. illegally thanks to a crackdown by Mexican authorities.

US changing how 'voluntary departure' immigrant cases work

As the result of a settlement with the ACLU, the U.S. government has announced a list of changes to how the "voluntary departure" option works in California.

Angelenos press Obama to take broad action on immigration

A town hall downtown L.A. Wednesday drew hundreds, including immigrants rights groups, politicians and law enforcement officials.

LA's immigration courts overwhelmed by child migrant cases

L.A. courts more than 46,000 cases the L.A. courts are currently dealing with. L.A. has the largest share of pending immigration cases, making it the busiest jurisdiction in the country.

40 percent of nation's Vietnamese immigrants call California home

A quarter of the country's Vietnamese immigrants live in Orange, Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties.

Which outlets aren't calling The Redskins 'The Redskins'?

The Washington Post was the latest big media outlet to for a ban on references to the NFL team's name, this stance goes back to the 90s.

Bound by freeways, Chinatown pedestrians face heightened danger

As a retiree without a car, Grace Yin walks the streets of Chinatown every day, and never lets her guard down. Everywhere, she said, there are careless drivers. A relative was hit crossing Broadway and Cesar Chavez Avenue several years ago.

Brown announces legislation to provide migrants kids with legal help

California state officials and lawmakers have introduced a plan that would provide money for pro-bono legal assistance to recently arrived unaccompanied child migrants.

California would delete old immigration language

A new bill by Democratic Sen. Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles would remove outdated language on the books referencing the controversial and now defunct Proposition 187.

CicLAvia and gentrification: Eastside expansion troubles some residents

Since 2010, thousands of bicyclists have embraced CicLAVia events. But as event organizers plan their first foray into the Eastside, reactions have ranged from trepidation to resentment.

Shelter in Ventura County closes as rush of child migrants slows

Two months after it opened, an emergency shelter for unaccompanied minors on a naval base in Port Hueneme has closed, at least for the time being.