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Enter to win an iPad

Enter to win two free tickets to a KPCC trivia night Friday, Feb. 13, at the Crawford Family Forum. Hosted by Dinner Party Download’s Rico Gagliano, trivia players will include KPCC hosts and reporters like Larry Mantle and Deepa Fernandes. You’ll also be entered to win a KPCC swag bag filled with public radio goodies, including a #KPCClove water bottle and T-shirt. Last but not least, you’ll be entered to win an iPad, which we’ll give away Feb. 20. Good luck! And thanks for playing.


Want to show your love?

All you have to do is write a public radio–themed haiku: The first line should be five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the last five again. Here’s a haiku generator to help you should you need it:

Enter here

We will closely watch all responses, sharing those that reflect the theme and don’t have any obscene language.

The contest will close at Feb. 13 at midnight, and the winner will be the author of the haiku that received the most retweets on our official KPCC Twitter account. Feel free to follow our Twitter account and share your or other favorite haikus. So, what’s the prize? We’ve put together a nifty gift bag that includes a $25 American Apparel gift card, Drink Los Angeles book, two KPCC pint glasses, a KPCC Love water bottle, a KPCC Love T-shirt, a KPCC license plate holder, a KPCC lapel pin, and a KPCC reusable grocery bag.


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