Courtesy of Councilman David Ryu's Office

Records of ex-councilman recovered by his successor

Some 35 file boxes from former Councilman Tom LaBonge's office were recovered before they were shredded. The documents included land use and campaign finance records.

Fuel up! California's pricier summer gas is on the way

Gas prices are still decreasing in SoCal. But unfortunately, that won't last for long. It's that time when refiners shut down and prepare to make 'gluten free' gas.

2 aircraft collide near shore of San Pedro beach


Both the Coast Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the crash was the result of a mid-air collision between two aircrafts.

The slow pace of building California's high-speed rail

The LA-to San Francisco bullet train was scheduled to be ready in 2022. We'll talk about why that date may have been a bit optimistic.

LA mayor performs slow jam PSA about 101 Freeway closure

This weekend, 2.5 miles of the 101 Freeway will be closed in what authorities are calling the "Slow Jam." On Thursday, the mayor released a slow jam of his own to raise awareness.

No one submits verified claim for $63 million lotto jackpot

Officials have some claims to investigate, but if none of them pan out, it will be the largest unclaimed prize in California Lottery history, and the money will go to the state's schools.

Where to celebrate Lunar New Year in SoCal

Monday is Lunar New Year. People around the world will welcome the year of the monkey. And Southern Californians have a unique way of reigning it in.

San Fernando Valley calls for fair share of transit funding

L.A. Metro wants to raise $120 billion for transportation projects over the next 40 years with another tax increase. Some ask: what could the Valley get out of it?

Crenshaw shops weigh challenges, promise of new train line

The new Crenshaw/LAX metro could bring much-needed development to LA – and local residents are both hopeful and wary of the changes already underway.

The Great Race: The cyclist won; here's why

Cyclist Jacob Margolis narrowly beat out car driver Sue Carpenter by 5 minutes.

KPCC races from DTLA to Santa Monica: Why #TeamPublicTransport lost

It would take some major parking snarls in Santa Monica to slow down Sue Carpenter in her car. I also underestimated Jacob Margolis's powerful, powerful bike legs.

High surf, rip currents expected along Southern California coast

The National Weather Service said Thursday that waves up to 8 feet will pound west-facing beaches through Friday.

Why LA really wasn't the city built for the automobile

Los Angeles was actually a city built for the trolley, and plans for a smoothly integrated freeway system were doomed from the start.

How Metro uses simple psychology to increase ridership

LA Metro believes some people are turned off by mass transit for reasons other than time. It has a plan to encourage more people to "go Metro" even before they board.

Only in SoCal can you take the train with the sunset...and a song

Anthony Bryant runs the café car on Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner route. He's also the only employee in the country who uses the loudspeaker to sing to the entire train.

Cell service coming to the LA Metro, Wi-Fi headed to some buses

Your phone will get reception in the downtown L.A. subway stops by the end of March. And certain LADOT buses will have free Wi-Fi by the end of 2016.