President Obama waves from Air Force One before departing from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Wednesday.

File photo by Mandel Ngan /AFP/Getty Images

Traffic alert: Obamajam, Dodgers game, Mexico vs. USA soccer


L.A. drivers are in for what's expected to be worse than usual traffic as President Obama visits Saturday for fundraising events.

Fin Whale Watch Long Beach

Entangled fin whale spotted near Dana Point

Various agencies are coordinating to find a way, if any, to help the whale. The whale was spotted by fishermen on Friday morning.


Can you feel the heat? Temps 20 degrees above average

Southern California is baking under an unusually intense October heat wave Friday.

What were they thinking? UCLA frat party reignites questions over millennial’s relationship with blackface

Two Greek organizations at UCLA have come under criticism after holding a Kanye West-themed party where some attendees wore blackface.

Goodwill transforms from thrift store to boutique

Goodwill goes high-end with new style boutique thrift stores in Orange County

Long Beach Marathon runners won't beat the weekend's heat

Race organizers are taking unusual steps to keep runners hydrated and cool. They are even letting the half-marathoners start early to beat the heat.

'Kanye Western' party at UCLA ignites backlash

A fraternity and sorority have come under fire for having a "Kanye Western"-themed party, giving rise to the hashtag #BlackBruinsMatter.

About 1 in 5 pedestrians killed or injured in LA is a child

Students took to the streets in droves Wednesday as part of the annual Walk to School Day, an international effort to raise awareness of road safety issues around schools.

Small single-engine plane crashes in Compton backyard

The plane took off around 2:40 p.m. from Compton/Woodley Airport and was in the air for a few minutes before it experienced engine failure.

Analyzing Governor Brown’s choice to sign one drone bill, not others

It’s now going to be that much harder for the paparazzi to use drones, thanks to new legislation out of Sacramento. What message is Gov. Brown sending by signing one drone law bill but not the others?

CA now has the toughest gender equity pay law in the country. So how does it work?

Gov. Brown yesterday what’s being called the nation’s toughest equal pay law based on gender.

New law regulates prescription drugs for foster children

Karen de Sa discovered that nearly one in four foster children in California was prescribed powerful psychotropic drugs, some only legal to use on adults.

The Styled Side: A preview of Modernism Week in Palm Springs

The February event is so large that organizers have a preview of it starting Oct. 9 that includes tours of the Sunnylands Estate, furniture sales and more.

Fire burns 10 buildings as it spreads across block in South LA

A late-night fire burned across an entire block of businesses in South Los Angeles, destroying five buildings and damaging several more.

Senate discusses kickstarting redevelopment of West LA veterans campus

Sen. Dianne Feinstein joined VA officials in briefing the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee on possible changes to the West LA veterans campus.

Burbank PD has their eye on car flashmob at Krispy Kreme

It appears that a flashmob car enthusiast meetup is set for Tuesday evening. The last time one of these events was held, 50 citations were issued and three were arrested.