Blake Griffin, Chris Paul injured, leaving Clippers vulnerable

Griffin is out for the rest of the playoffs and Paul had hand surgery, leaving the Clippers without their top two players for the remainder of their first-round series.

Bear sightings? Yes, there will be more

As alarming as it can be to watch TV news footage of police bearing down on an ursine suspect actively evading arrest, this is all very normal, wildlife officials say.

Did the census forget to count 400,000 Latino kids?

A new report says that 400,000 Latino infants and toddlers went uncounted in the 2010 Census, affecting money for programs like Head Start.

Supporters rally for Valley immigration consultants facing city fraud charges

The Los Angeles City Attorney's office has accused the director of an immigration consulting firm and two business associates of practicing law without a license. They could face jail time if convicted.

Will young voters' discontent translate at the polls?

As young voters in California sign up to vote in large numbers and join campaigns of political outsiders, their clout could be substantial, but only if they show up.

LA may be a 'no-kill' city by 2017

City officials say their animal shelters have maintained an 84.3 percent overall live save rate so far this year. The target for "no kill" status is 90 percent.

3 ways the landscape is changing for women in LA

A new report delves into the shifting demographics, education levels and outlook for women in L.A. County. Here’s a quick look at what they found.

Byron Scott won't return to coach Lakers next season

The Lakers are making another break from the Kobe Bryant era by firing the coach who shepherded the superstar guard's farewell season, but couldn't coax many wins out of an otherwise dismal roster.

Runyon Canyon basketball court fouls out, for now

Runyon Canyon is closed for four months so LADWP can replace pipes, but residents say they never knew that a basketball court was going to be constructed during that time.

Inglewood must now prove it can manage success, mayor says

Inglewood Mayor James Butts is likely to focus on a multi-billion-dollar mixed-use project that includes a new NFL stadium during his State of the City address Thursday morning.

California high-speed rail board to consider latest plans

The latest proposal calls for a $64 billion system starting in the Central Valley then heading first to San Jose for nearly $21 billion rather than south first to the L.A. area as initially planned.

Principal defends students after gender-neutral bathroom fight

Students tussled with adults hoisting signs and chanting slogans outside Santee Education Complex on Tuesday. No one was injured or placed under arrest.

Study finds link between sexual assault and veteran homelessness

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Wednesday, looked at 600,000 veterans in the health care system run by the V.A.

Arcadia shuts the doors on 'mansionization'

A new Arcadia ordinance says homes need to comply with a floor-area ratio that would limit the size of homes based on the site of their lots.

LA Metro shifts some bus routes, hands others off to smaller agencies

Metro is in the process of revamping its bus service to make wait times shorter for most riders by shifting resources away from less-used lines.

Little Tokyo bets on basketball to bring back Japanese Americans

To revive a Japanese American neighborhood, Little Tokyo plans a basketball gym and leverages its history.